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End divisiveness

Posted 09.14.09 at 05:03 AM by Steve Boren

End divisiveness
A public option for healthcare and insurance is the divisive issue, fueling intense argument across the country. Why is President Barack Obama continuing to divide the people and the parties in this way? A government competitor is unnecessary to achieve a more caring, balanced, cost-effective and affordable healthcare system.
If, instead, Obama will seriously look at reform through such options as health savings accounts, allowing interstate insurance competition, tort reform, tax deductions for individuals purchasing insurance privately and other measures that support both individuals and business, he’ll retain what’s working in American healthcare, help change what isn’t and stem the fear that America is sliding further toward government monopoly.
If Obama will take this position and admit it to the American people, he’ll regain trust from both sides. I agree that some folks are getting silly about their criticisms, including their fear about his speech to schoolchildren. But he must realize this is coming from a deeper place: It’s a growing mistrust of the administration that’s beneath the rhetoric.
Obama must acknowledge the concerns and put the federal government back in the position that the Constitution intended: “promote” the general welfare — do not try to “provide” it. The public option needs to die a dignified death.
— Diane Hawkins, Newbury Park
letter published in the Star
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