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Editors,National Review OnLine, On President Obama's Approach to Economic Prosperity

Posted 01.30.11 at 06:33 AM by Steve Boren

The Editors, National Review OnLine, On President Obama's Approach to Economic Prosperity:

"Government does not make investments. History suggests that it is not especially successful when it tries to do so, and the Obama administration has been a singularly ineffective manager of our national finances, its incompetence rivaled in modern times only by that of the Johnson administration. 'Investing in America' is simply rhetorical camouflage deployed to avoid answering the simple questions: 'Is this proposed spending wise? Is it the best and most prudent use of our money? Is it undertaken in accordance with our constitutional order and the proper role of government?' President Obama would prefer not to debate those questions, instead asking us to judge present outlays against future returns that may or may not live up to his promises."
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