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Jennifer Rubin Obama's Handling of the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Posted 08.21.10 at 11:33 AM by Steve Boren

Jennifer Rubin, Commentarymagazine.com, On President Obama's Handling of the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy:

"It would be hard to think how Obama could have done a worse job on the Ground Zero mosque controversy. He took a position objectionable to the vast majority of Americans, within 24 hours chickened out, and then sent his press minions forward to assure his base and the Muslim World and its American community (over which he fawns incessantly) that he really does think we must accept a mosque that will produce nothing but pain for his countrymen and a sense of vindication to those who incinerated 3,000 Americans. It's bad policy, bad politics, and bad execution, with a side order of political cowardice."
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