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Don’t ask me for my money, get it from Stupid.

Posted 08.09.11 at 03:01 PM by Steve Boren

You should know that I think that the ruling class on the left and the so call themselves Republicans, i.e. Rhinos, Moderates, Independents, big tent Republicans, etc., knew that Obama's fate was doomed from the beginning, with the policies in which he would introduce. Obama was a tool to be used and then would be disregarded. He would be sacrificed to a four year term, for the good of the left’s agenda.
The Left’s agenda would make policies, place blame, and have a “fall guy” to through under the bus, and come out on top again. In this upcoming Presidential contest the man under the bus will be Obama. The Left will yell foul, blaming the Republicans/Tea Party for poor Obama’s unfortunate four year passing. They will run another candidate against Obama or get a McCain like puppet for the other side, too continue their business of controlling all our lives, spending our money, and all for our own best interest, so they train themselves to think and teach us to believe.
You don’t have to worry about Obama. He will make all the money he will need and get all the fame he desires later in his sales of books, speeches, etc., for ”going down with the ship.,” This would save the left for one more Presidential election. Ask Clinton or any other adulteress, running the lecture circuits, about the money and fame, oh yes and the molding young minds full of mush, and working on the left’s future voters.


Ask not what you can get from your country,
Just wait until they tell you, what it is you can have.

My money goes to Conservative People as always. If you are running for an office somewhere and you have voted for a liberal before, or compromised on a bill, just once. Don’t ask me for my money. Get it from Stupid.
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