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Americans For Prosperity

Final Waxman-Markey Vote By Party

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Old 06.26.09, 06:34 PM
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Final Waxman-Markey Vote By Party

06.26.09 03:54 PM

We have the full, final vote breakdown from the official web site recategorized by vote position and party to easily see where everyone stands.

Republican Yes Votes
Bono Mack R CA Aye
Castle R DE Aye
Kirk R IL Aye
Lance R NJ Aye
LoBiondo R NJ Aye
McHugh R NY Aye
Reichert R WA Aye
Smith (NJ) R NJ Aye

Republican Not Voting
Flake R AZ Not Voting
Sullivan R OK Not Voting

Democratic No Votes
Altmire D PA No
Arcuri D NY No
Barrow D GA No
Berry D AR No
Boren D OK No
Bright D AL No
Carney D PA No
Childers D MS No
Costa D CA No
Costello D IL No
Dahlkemper D PA No
Davis (AL) D AL No
Davis (TN) D TN No
DeFazio D OR No
Donnelly (IN) D IN No
Edwards (TX) D TX No
Ellsworth D IN No
Foster D IL No
Griffith D AL No
Herseth Sandlin D SD No
Holden D PA No
Kirkpatrick (AZ) D AZ No
Kissell D NC No
Kucinich D OH No
Marshall D GA No
Massa D NY No
Matheson D UT No
McIntyre D NC No
Melancon D LA No
Minnick D ID No
Mitchell D AZ No
Mollohan D WV No
Nye D VA No
Ortiz D TX No
Pomeroy D ND No
Rahall D WV No
Rodriguez D TX No
Ross D AR No
Salazar D CO No
Stark D CA No
Tanner D TN No
Taylor D MS No
Visclosky D IN No
Wilson (OH) D OH No

Democratic Not Voting
Hastings (FL) D FL Not Voting

Republican No Votes
Aderholt R AL No
Akin R MO No
Alexander R LA No
Austria R OH No
Bachmann R MN No
Bachus R AL No
Barrett (SC) R SC No
Bartlett R MD No
Barton (TX) R TX No
Biggert R IL No
Bilbray R CA No
Bilirakis R FL No
Bishop (UT) R UT No
Blackburn R TN No
Blunt R MO No
Boehner R OH No
Bonner R AL No
Boozman R AR No
Boustany R LA No
Brady (TX) R TX No
Broun (GA) R GA No
Brown (SC) R SC No
Brown-Waite, Ginny R FL No
Buchanan R FL No
Burgess R TX No
Burton (IN) R IN No
Buyer R IN No
Calvert R CA No
Camp R MI No
Campbell R CA No
Cantor R VA No
Cao R LA No
Capito R WV No
Carter R TX No
Cassidy R LA No
Chaffetz R UT No
Coble R NC No
Coffman (CO) R CO No
Cole R OK No
Conaway R TX No
Crenshaw R FL No
Culberson R TX No
Davis (KY) R KY No
Deal (GA) R GA No
Dent R PA No
Diaz-Balart, L. R FL No
Diaz-Balart, M. R FL No
Dreier R CA No
Duncan R TN No
Ehlers R MI No
Emerson R MO No
Fallin R OK No
Fleming R LA No
Forbes R VA No
Fortenberry R NE No
Foxx R NC No
Franks (AZ) R AZ No
Frelinghuysen R NJ No
Gallegly R CA No
Garrett (NJ) R NJ No
Gerlach R PA No
Gingrey (GA) R GA No
Gohmert R TX No
Goodlatte R VA No
Granger R TX No
Graves R MO No
Guthrie R KY No
Hall (TX) R TX No
Harper R MS No
Hastings (WA) R WA No
Heller R NV No
Hensarling R TX No
Herger R CA No
Hoekstra R MI No
Hunter R CA No
Inglis R SC No
Issa R CA No
Jenkins R KS No
Johnson (IL) R IL No
Johnson, Sam R TX No
Jones R NC No
Jordan (OH) R OH No
King (IA) R IA No
King (NY) R NY No
Kingston R GA No
Kline (MN) R MN No
Lamborn R CO No
Latham R IA No
LaTourette R OH No
Latta R OH No
Lee (NY) R NY No
Lewis (CA) R CA No
Linder R GA No
Lucas R OK No
Luetkemeyer R MO No
Lummis R WY No
Lungren, Daniel E. R CA No
Mack R FL No
Manzullo R IL No
Marchant R TX No
McCarthy (CA) R CA No
McCaul R TX No
McClintock R CA No
McCotter R MI No
McHenry R NC No
McKeon R CA No
McMorris Rodgers R WA No
Mica R FL No
Miller (FL) R FL No
Miller (MI) R MI No
Miller, Gary R CA No
Moran (KS) R KS No
Murphy, Tim R PA No
Myrick R NC No
Neugebauer R TX No
Nunes R CA No
Olson R TX No
Paul R TX No
Paulsen R MN No
Pence R IN No
Petri R WI No
Pitts R PA No
Platts R PA No
Poe (TX) R TX No
Posey R FL No
Price (GA) R GA No
Putnam R FL No
Radanovich R CA No
Rehberg R MT No
Roe (TN) R TN No
Rogers (AL) R AL No
Rogers (KY) R KY No
Rogers (MI) R MI No
Rohrabacher R CA No
Rooney R FL No
Ros-Lehtinen R FL No
Roskam R IL No
Royce R CA No
Ryan (WI) R WI No
Scalise R LA No
Schmidt R OH No
Schock R IL No
Sensenbrenner R WI No
Sessions R TX No
Shadegg R AZ No
Shimkus R IL No
Shuster R PA No
Simpson R ID No
Smith (NE) R NE No
Smith (TX) R TX No
Souder R IN No
Stearns R FL No
Terry R NE No
Thompson (PA) R PA No
Thornberry R TX No
Tiahrt R KS No
Tiberi R OH No
Turner R OH No
Upton R MI No
Walden R OR No
Wamp R TN No
Westmoreland R GA No
Whitfield R KY No
Wilson (SC) R SC No
Wittman R VA No
Wolf R VA No
Young (AK) R AK No
Young (FL) R FL No

Democratic Yes Votes
Abercrombie D HI Aye
Ackerman D NY Aye
Adler (NJ) D NJ Aye
Andrews D NJ Aye
Baca D CA Aye
Baird D WA Aye
Baldwin D WI Aye
Bean D IL Aye
Becerra D CA Aye
Berkley D NV Aye
Berman D CA Aye
Bishop (GA) D GA Aye
Bishop (NY) D NY Aye
Blumenauer D OR Aye
Boccieri D OH Aye
Boswell D IA Aye
Boucher D VA Aye
Boyd D FL Aye
Brady (PA) D PA Aye
Braley (IA) D IA Aye
Brown, Corrine D FL Aye
Butterfield D NC Aye
Capps D CA Aye
Capuano D MA Aye
Cardoza D CA Aye
Carnahan D MO Aye
Carson (IN) D IN Aye
Castor (FL) D FL Aye
Chandler D KY Aye
Clarke D NY Aye
Clay D MO Aye
Cleaver D MO Aye
Clyburn D SC Aye
Cohen D TN Aye
Connolly (VA) D VA Aye
Conyers D MI Aye
Cooper D TN Aye
Courtney D CT Aye
Crowley D NY Aye
Cuellar D TX Aye
Cummings D MD Aye
Davis (CA) D CA Aye
Davis (IL) D IL Aye
DeGette D CO Aye
Delahunt D MA Aye
DeLauro D CT Aye
Dicks D WA Aye
Dingell D MI Aye
Doggett D TX Aye
Doyle D PA Aye
Driehaus D OH Aye
Edwards (MD) D MD Aye
Ellison D MN Aye
Engel D NY Aye
Eshoo D CA Aye
Etheridge D NC Aye
Farr D CA Aye
Fattah D PA Aye
Filner D CA Aye
Frank (MA) D MA Aye
Fudge D OH Aye
Giffords D AZ Aye
Gonzalez D TX Aye
Gordon (TN) D TN Aye
Grayson D FL Aye
Green, Al D TX Aye
Green, Gene D TX Aye
Grijalva D AZ Aye
Gutierrez D IL Aye
Hall (NY) D NY Aye
Halvorson D IL Aye
Hare D IL Aye
Harman D CA Aye
Heinrich D NM Aye
Higgins D NY Aye
Hill D IN Aye
Himes D CT Aye
Hinchey D NY Aye
Hinojosa D TX Aye
Hirono D HI Aye
Hodes D NH Aye
Holt D NJ Aye
Honda D CA Aye
Hoyer D MD Aye
Inslee D WA Aye
Israel D NY Aye
Jackson (IL) D IL Aye
Jackson-Lee (TX) D TX Aye
Johnson (GA) D GA Aye
Johnson, E. B. D TX Aye
Kagen D WI Aye
Kanjorski D PA Aye
Kaptur D OH Aye
Kennedy D RI Aye
Kildee D MI Aye
Kilpatrick (MI) D MI Aye
Kilroy D OH Aye
Kind D WI Aye
Klein (FL) D FL Aye
Kosmas D FL Aye
Kratovil D MD Aye
Langevin D RI Aye
Larsen (WA) D WA Aye
Larson (CT) D CT Aye
Lee (CA) D CA Aye
Levin D MI Aye
Lewis (GA) D GA Aye
Lipinski D IL Aye
Loebsack D IA Aye
Lofgren, Zoe D CA Aye
Lowey D NY Aye
Lujan D NM Aye
Lynch D MA Aye
Maffei D NY Aye
Maloney D NY Aye
Markey (CO) D CO Aye
Markey (MA) D MA Aye
Matsui D CA Aye
McCarthy (NY) D NY Aye
McCollum D MN Aye
McDermott D WA Aye
McGovern D MA Aye
McMahon D NY Aye
McNerney D CA Aye
Meek (FL) D FL Aye
Meeks (NY) D NY Aye
Michaud D ME Aye
Miller (NC) D NC Aye
Miller, George D CA Aye
Moore (KS) D KS Aye
Moore (WI) D WI Aye
Moran (VA) D VA Aye
Murphy (CT) D CT Aye
Murphy (NY) D NY Aye
Murphy, Patrick D PA Aye
Murtha D PA Aye
Nadler (NY) D NY Aye
Napolitano D CA Aye
Neal (MA) D MA Aye
Oberstar D MN Aye
Obey D WI Aye
Olver D MA Aye
Pallone D NJ Aye
Pascrell D NJ Aye
Pastor (AZ) D AZ Aye
Payne D NJ Aye
Pelosi D CA Aye
Perlmutter D CO Aye
Perriello D VA Aye
Peters D MI Aye
Peterson D MN Aye
Pingree (ME) D ME Aye
Polis (CO) D CO Aye
Price (NC) D NC Aye
Quigley D IL Aye
Rangel D NY Aye
Reyes D TX Aye
Richardson D CA Aye
Rothman (NJ) D NJ Aye
Roybal-Allard D CA Aye
Ruppersberger D MD Aye
Rush D IL Aye
Ryan (OH) D OH Aye
Sanchez, Linda T. D CA Aye
Sanchez, Loretta D CA Aye
Sarbanes D MD Aye
Schakowsky D IL Aye
Schauer D MI Aye
Schiff D CA Aye
Schrader D OR Aye
Schwartz D PA Aye
Scott (GA) D GA Aye
Scott (VA) D VA Aye
Serrano D NY Aye
Sestak D PA Aye
Shea-Porter D NH Aye
Sherman D CA Aye
Shuler D NC Aye
Sires D NJ Aye
Skelton D MO Aye
Slaughter D NY Aye
Smith (WA) D WA Aye
Snyder D AR Aye
Space D OH Aye
Speier D CA Aye
Spratt D SC Aye
Stupak D MI Aye
Sutton D OH Aye
Tauscher D CA Aye
Teague D NM Aye
Thompson (CA) D CA Aye
Thompson (MS) D MS Aye
Tierney D MA Aye
Titus D NV Aye
Tonko D NY Aye
Towns D NY Aye
Tsongas D MA Aye
Van Hollen D MD Aye
Velazquez D NY Aye
Walz D MN Aye
Wasserman Schultz D FL Aye
Waters D CA Aye
Watson D CA Aye
Watt D NC Aye
Waxman D CA Aye
Weiner D NY Aye
Welch D VT Aye
Wexler D FL Aye
Woolsey D CA Aye
Wu D OR Aye
Yarmuth D KY Aye

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