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The tasty key to a healthier heart

07.31.18 09:01 PM

For the longest time, dairy products were vilified for people with heart problems.

All you heard about was that the fat in dairy products would lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and eventually heart disease.

I’m so glad all that bad information from so-called “experts” was finally proven wrong.

Consuming more dairy doesn’t raise any of the markers typically associated with a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, like cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. I’ve always included wholesome dairy in my diet — but not pasteurized milk, which is a dead food. Pasteurization kills all the beneficial enzymes and nutrition in milk.

Not only is dairy not dangerous for your health, higher intakes of yogurt are associated with:

• A 30 percent reduction in risk of myocardial infarction (heart attacks) in women

• A 19 percent reduction in heart attacks in men

To top it off, higher yogurt intakes were also linked to a 16 percent lower risk of having to go through a heart surgery to restore blood flow in women.

Clearly, adding yogurt to your daily diet could come with some big benefits to your heart and your quality of life.

And one reason that full-fat yogurt could have such a positive benefit on blood pressure and heart health is likely related to vitamin K.

I’ve previously written about K2 and about how it helps direct calcium to your bones and away from your arteries where it could contribute to problems. Dairy hasn’t been considered a good source of vitamin K in the past, but fermented dairy products, like yogurt, do contain some. And some vitamin K can be converted to vitamin K2 in your body.

Still, to get ample K2, you should really consider supplementing. I get my K2 and other nutrients like grape seed extract to support my arteries and green tea extract to soothe inflammation of my blood vessels, in Peak BP Platinum.

When deciding what yogurt to add to your diet, remember that dairy from factory-farmed, corn-fed cows that’s pumped full of hormones and antibiotics isn’t going to do your health any favors, but dairy from cows raised in a pasture eating grass will.



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