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Paper Money Syndrome: What is it?

03.29.10 07:01 PM

As the crescendo toward the climax builds the paper money syndrome becomes more evident and vulgar.

Let me explain. The dictionary definition of syndrome is: “A group of related or coincident things, events, actions, etc. There is also a pattern of symptoms that characterize or indicate a particular social condition.”

A syndrome involves everything known about a phenomenon.

The paper money syndrome specifically refers to the evolved psyche of the people in all human relationships since the beginning of the fiat regime in 1913 in the United States, especially since 1971 when President Richard M. Nixon closed the gold window. This is the year that the United States went on 100 percent pure fiat and took the rest of the world on the same non-system.

The opposite of the paper money regime would be the 100 years before 1913 when the U.S. was most of the time on the gold standard.

Can we become conscious of the fiat money system and recognize it? I think that we can, and the sooner the better.

When governments enter upon a paper money fiat regime the whole psyche of the population begins to change along with mythical finance and the diminishing store of value of the currency.

It’s as if we are on solid ground and suddenly we come upon quicksand. We become unstable and gradually begin to lose our orientation. We begin a journey in a ship of society without a rudder. It is so gradual that few recognize the change. After all, we still have our legal system, our “representative” government, our flag, our pledge of allegiance, “freedom of religion,” our Constitution and all the symbols that define America.

The “feel good” psyche of expanded fiat and credit fools all but a very few.

From the beginning we have fiat wars on credit. This kills millions but the people focus on the resulting materialism. The State justifies wars and uses patriotism to appeal to the people.

The purpose of fiat paper money is a tax on the population which doesn’t have to be collected or enforced. The state simply has to inflate the currency by printing more paper money. The people are slow to realize the sinister purpose of inflating the currency.

Inflation or depreciation of the currency is a monetary plague that attacks the spenders and the savers. Your wealth is taken without a gun to your head and the crowd even clamors for inflation, while the politicians use inflation to buy votes and political power.

The people don’t understand printing press money but the politicians and the government bureaucrats do. They can promise the people everything without taxes and still have their wars, too.

How then do we recognize the fiat paper money syndrome? Fiat money is more than a monetary phenomenon. It affects the whole mental condition of the people.

The gold standard brings everything in a society into balance and stability, including the spirit of a people, while a fiat paper money regime causes a quicksand-like unbalanced mentality.

The fiat system begins deterioration of society immediately and finally ends in economic collapse through hyperinflation. The finality is the destruction of the middle class and indeed the impoverishment of all who trust paper money.

Many financial businesses enrich themselves with fiat. The life insurance business collects trillions of nominal dollars promising savings and death benefits. If they pay back at all the money is highly inflated (depreciated) so that policyholders take huge losses and, in the latter stages, are all wiped out completely.

So what does the fiat person look like? What is his mental condition? What is his morality? What is the outlook of society? What is the work ethic?

What happens to the family and the institution of marriage? What about the increase of perversion and free love? What about violence and the rule of law? What is public education?

The fiat paper regime is in reality a non-system, fickle and floating without substance, whereas the “rule of law” is what a Federal judge says it is.

Society clings to symbols and standards of the past, grasping and clawing for human liberty that has become elusive and deceptive.

Life in the fading years of the fiat regime is characterized by a Ponzi and fragmented mentality entertained with “bread and circus.”

There is no accountability or individual responsibility since citizens have become vassals of the State. Fiat forces more and more dependency upon the State and with dependency comes more and more control.

Fiat means the massive growth of government with increasing human control.

As fiat completely loses its store of value in the public mind, more and more paper money is never enough. This creates a gambling public. Greed overwhelms restraint. Financial innovation is organized and sanctioned fraud upon the public.

Government employees are bought off with fiat.

The public is easily persuaded to support military adventurism and supply their sons and daughters for cannon fodder. The pretexts are creative as long as the public still believes the politicians and bureaucrats.

The family deteriorates in the latter days of the fiat regime into free love. Wives must work to pay debts and support more and more materialism.

Not one in a million suspects that fiat and the depreciating currency is at the root of the collapse of the social and moral order.

The legal and accounting professions are creations and creatures of fiat. They act as parasites upon the misfortunes of the people caused by the fiat system.

The fiat system promotes altruism with slogans like, “For the greater good.” Translated this means give of your substance so that we can all be equally poor on the animal farm.

Work ethic deteriorates because fiat creates the hopelessness of “what’s the use, there is never enough money.”

There is an increase of perversion and free love in the latter days of fiat. Ugly immorality and base human nature comes out of the closet.

The fiat system presumes to condemn violence but promotes it with a court system that is easy on crime and criminals.

“Public education” is a dumbing down system which promotes dependency on government.

Fiat creates greed and greed destroys morality and undermines the rule of law.

All the above is reversed under the gold standard.

Even though hyperinflation is—in many ways—a complex economic problem… the process of protecting yourself is simpler than you might think. In fact, there are two primary things you must do: 1) Get your assets to safety, and 2) Make sure you take care of your basic needs (and those of your family).

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