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This medication linked to higher dementia risk

03.12.19 09:01 PM

Most people accept a physician’s word as gospel. If a physician prescribes medicine for what ails you, then that must be the best one available for your circumstance, right? Well, not if it messes with your memory.

If you’re anywhere near the over-50 crowd, you’ve probably heard of anticholinergic drugs by now — particularly those used to treat urinary incontinence. What you may not have heard is that they carry a high risk of negatively affecting cognition and increasing one’s risk of dementia.

Anticholinergic drugs block the effects of acetylcholine, a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerves and muscles. They are prescribed to between 20 percent to 50 percent of older adults in the United States.

Unfortunately, your brain needs acetylcholine in order to function — so you can think clearly and remember where you left those keys, as the popular example goes.

Thankfully, there are better, more natural ways to treat your bladder issues without blocking the main neurotransmitter for fast thinking.

There are two supplements that can strengthen your bladder walls and calm over-activity so that when you empty your bladder, you empty it completely and don’t have to worry about leakage later.

The first one is pumpkin seed extract, which is vital to help with urinary flow, voiding time and left-over urine volume. The second supplement is soy germ isoflavones that naturally help balance estrogen levels to support stronger bladder function.

Fortunately you can find both pumpkin seed extract and soy germ isoflavones in Peak Bladder Support.

Together, they strengthen your pelvic floor and bladder so you can quit worrying about leaking when you cough or sneeze. Plus, they relax your bladder so that you don’t feel that urgent need to “go” that makes you scramble for the bathroom.



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