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Do you really think our money troubles are getting better?

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Unread 04.28.15, 08:24 AM
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Do you really think our money troubles are getting better?

04.27.15 09:01 PM

It’s true, isn’t it? Your money’s just not worth much anymore.

And if you believe the Fed will never stop devaluing our savings and investments by dumping new money on us, you’re not alone.

The Fed’s own officials stress in speeches that they’ll keep the spigot open even though they might raise interest rates later this year.

Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker said in a recent speech in Sarasota, Florida, that even if the Fed does raise rates slightly, it will be “less like taking away the punch bowl and more like just slowing down the refills.”

Maybe that’s why billionaires are getting out of the dollar.

Bill Gates owns more than 10 percent of the Pan American Silver mine, and billionaire George Soros is heavily invested in gold and silver mines.

Warren Buffett, the richest American, according to Forbes magazine, owns 20 percent of the world silver supply.

Buffett has said publicly that he lost faith in American dollars and feels sorry for the “victims” who hold cash. “I don’t know what I would do if I were in that position.”

They’re even dumping bank stocks. Billionaire John Paulson’s hedge fund, Paulson & Co., has dumped 14 million shares of banking giant JPMorgan Chase.

It’s a race to the bottom for the dollar, which means only one thing… hyper-inflation.

Do you believe the recent small rise in the dollar’s value is going to stop the huge tidal wave of dollar devaluation by the Fed as it fills the banks with money?

It can’t happen.

The very existence of the Fed ensures our dollar will be devalued.

That’s how it works. As the Fed lends money to other banks, they can lend out many times more dollars because all they need is a fraction of what they lend in reserve. Banks simply create an “account” out of thin air. It just a mark made on a ledger sheet or by computer transfer.

Rather than create actual wealth (except for themselves), bankers, as money creators, always destroy the currency.

This is inflation.

Inflation is not rising prices, which most people are led to believe. Rising prices are a symptom of inflation, not the cause.

Inflation is an expansion of the money supply, i.e., the creation of money out of thin air.

In the past few years, the Fed has increased the money supply by untold billions of dollars.

And there’s a man who warned long ago that not only does this mean inflation, but hyperinflation. He correctly predicted that not only wouldn’t the dollar devaluation stop, it would get worse. And he was right.

But he also knew that if nothing was done, millions of Americans would not only have their wealth stolen by their own government, they would also be devastated by the U.S. dollar’s eventual collapse.

That’s why he wrote four books on the subject, gave interviews on television and took his research directly to the people by regularly giving speeches, workshops and seminars.

He shared his sources… answered questions… and basically laid all his cards on the table.

Even better, you can now get copies of his brilliant seminars, along with an exclusive report that details everything you need to know about how the Fed and the banks work and how to use this knowledge to protect your family and your money.

To read my full write-up on exactly what’s included in this incredible guide — including a full chapter on how the banking elite engineer crises and recessions and will do so again soon — simply go here now.

The information you’ll find is not available anywhere else.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • What the “currency conspiracy” actually is and why you could be sitting in the middle of a new “depression” and not even know it!
  • How a huge wave of financial destruction has been slowly but surely gathering both size and momentum.
  • Why big bankers and political fat cats hate gold and silver and how to keep them from taking yours.
  • How the government is failing to protect your money as more and more banks fail.
  • Why government corruption is inevitable when it can create unlimited money. What can’t you destroy, distort and get away with?
  • Proven strategies for dealing with the IRS: tactics so effective, the author was eventually banned from even testifying in courtrooms on behalf of defendants.
  • And far more than I could even begin to list here!
You are strongly urged to check out this report, which explains exactly what’s happening today, what will happen next and the simple steps you can take to prepare and protect yourself.

You can access my full write-up on this specially created website right here.

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