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Fight illness with this ancient immune booster

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Unread 02.13.19, 02:50 PM
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Fight illness with this ancient immune booster

02.12.19 10:01 PM

The immune system.” Boy, how the medical industrial complex would love it if that term went down the memory hole and everyone only used drugs to “treat” cold and flu.

Yet contrary to what has been taught by those with a vested interest in you believing a lie, we don’t get sick because of a deficiency of drugs.

People get sick and die with the flu and pneumonia not because they “caught a germ” but because they “develop” sickness due to the buildup or accumulation of toxins over time.

Lack of movement, lack of deep breathing, and lack of sunshine aggravates this. “Flu shots” help toxemia as much as witchcraft does. Protection of life can never come from injecting death.

We have immune systems that don’t rely on drugs, and they become stronger the more we fight off sickness. If there were any such thing as a truly contagious disease, everyone on earth would have been dead centuries ago. Theoretically, a so-called contagious disease should kill everyone, but we know that this does not happen.

Yet every year as the sneezy-wheezy-sniffle season approaches, the media suffuses the airwaves with advice to “get a flu shot” and synthetic drugs that purport to relieve the “common cold.”

Viruses won’t be able to invade your system if it’s supercharged by the right nutrients and plenty of exercise. If you do get a cold, stay far away from those over-the-counter cold remedies. None of them can cure a cold, and they can have side effects that just add to your misery. If your body needs an aide to help strengthen the immune system, I have just the thing for you.

It comes from an unlikely place: ancient Egypt.

Nigella sativa, also known as black seed oil, was held in high regard by Egyptian kings and queens — so much so that they even called it the pharaoh’s oil.

King Tut gave instructions that he be buried with the oil so that he could use it in the afterlife. Regular Egyptians used it regularly to nourish their skin and as a digestive aid.

The oil was also the Egyptians’ go to remedy to treat “sweet urine” — in other words, diabetes.

But what you really need to know is that Nigella sativa is packed full of linoleic and gamma linoleic acid, two fatty acids that are absolutely essential for a healthy immune system.

What about the threat of superbugs, like MRSA? Again, if you are healthy, there is no threat. But due to the ravages of the Western diet and a lack of sunshine and exercise, you may need an immune boost. Well,, one study out of Pakistan (they tend not to study natural remedies in the U.S.) tested the oil against multiple strains of MRSA, and every single one of the strains was sensitive to the oil.

Another scientific study by researchers in India compared the power of the oil to destroy superbugs compared to antibiotics, like amoxicillin, gatifloxacin and tetracycline.

There is no doubt about the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of this natural healer. Out of the 144 strains of superbugs tested, 97 were inhibited by the black seed oil.

I have recently learned that Golden Oil has more benefits to the immune system and total body health than I ever knew. This primer explains why, throughout history, Golden Oil has been an immunity life saver — and an effective remedy for many health problems.




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