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Propaganda and the IRS

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Unread 03.12.18, 04:38 PM
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Propaganda and the IRS

03.11.18 09:01 PM

Since this is the tax season, everybody feels the compulsion to conform.

In a system, as is the whole world today, where central banks create “money” (bank credit) at will, consumption by the people must be strictly regulated. Government consumption competes with the consumption of the people. If consumption is not regulated, “money” becomes worthless and the fraud of the financial system is then revealed.

The concept of regulation is the key to understanding government finance. Let’s go straight to the authority of modern government finance, John Maynard Keynes. In his book of 1919 titled Economic Consequences Of The Peace, he made a very revealing statement. This one statement reveals the whole concept of so-called income taxes, as well as our economic system:
If government should refrain from regulation, (taxation) the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the people can be concealed no longer.

This is not taught anywhere in America, including in the public or private school systems. It is not taught at any university or college. The reason is that you are not to know that government creates its own money and has used it to steal the wealth of the American people and the world.

If you understand or can understand Keynes’ statement, you can understand the monetary system of the United States. Although they benefit greatly from this spoils system, not one accountant, CPA, or tax lawyer in 10,000 even comes close to suspecting what I am revealing here. Furthermore, this statement by Keynes says that we live in a modern slave state. Modern slavery has nothing to do with the rack or the thumb screw. Modern slavery is a reality when the people submit to the will of authority as expressed in its propaganda.

The monetary system of the United States and its income tax system has to do with the transfer of real resources from the people to the government, banker, corporate state without payment.

People tell me that the subject of money and finance is a dull and monotonous study. Is it? When you look upon the millions of graves of American soldiers, as well as those around the world both Jew and Christian, you are looking at the real Holocaust of American democracy created with bank credit and propaganda. Not one Christian preacher or Jewish rabbi has said one word to reveal this racial genocide to their people. The guilt of the “Holocaust” is upon their heads. Their purpose has been to confuse cause and effect in the minds of the people. They have succeeded.

The power of propaganda to distort and control the mass mind is more powerful than all the armies and military technology of history combined. *The crime against humanity that has consumed the blood of the people is bank credit. It is the veil of modern idolatry, government immorality, and depravity. It is the origin of the power of the kingdoms of this world.

The “income tax” as it is called, is immoral and illegal. It involves a confession of judgment with the threat of incarceration and penalties if one does not confess, i.e., sign the Form 1040. This act of incrimination is presented in supreme hypocrisy as a “voluntary” act. Can you imagine how many millions of Americans self-incriminate in a blanket confession on an IRS Form 1040? Even in a criminal proceeding a defendant is not required to testify against himself. In fact, he is not even compelled to speak at all, nor confess in any form.

After you have confessed judgment under duress, the IRS then takes the information that you supply and uses it to incriminate you. This, my friends, is exactly the system used by Nazi Germany that Americans have been taught to hate. What chicanery! What deception.

Do you now believe in the power of propaganda? Would you believe its power if you knew for sure that the income tax system has nothing at all to do with collecting money to support government operations?

Using words spoken by Beardsley Ruml, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve from 1941 to 1946, we can dispel the widely believed myth that income taxes are needed for government income.

In a famous speech he read before the American Bar Association during the last year of World War II, titled “Taxes for Revenue Are Obsolete,” Ruml said, “The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for state and local governments, but it is not true for a national government.”

The speech was originally printed in*American Affairs*in the January, 1946 issue. The editor of*American Affairs*wrote:
His [Ruml’s] thesis is that given (1) control of a central banking system and (2) an inconvertible currency, a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation, therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences.”

You can read or listen to the entire speech and see for yourself.

The system that every American has been propagandized to believe in is not a tax system. It is an information collection system (to create a dossier on everyone) and a regulatory system (regulation of credit). I repeat again: The U.S. income tax system has nothing at all to do with collecting taxes as income for the federal government. Why does the government need to collect money from the citizens for its operations when it can print money to infinity?

All the central banks of the world cooperate in this crime against humanity. I remind you again that the power and propaganda of Nazi Germany came out of bank credit. This is not in the history books. It was not mentioned in the world showcased Nuremberg Trials. The issue was never raised because it would have revealed that the United States was in fact, and defacto, a wartime ally of Nazi Germany in that they used military and psychological warfare against each other and equally against their own respective people.

What did the war and the Nuremberg Trials accomplish except to conceal genocide against the Anglo Saxon Germanic race? The Bundesbank today is an identical bank credit machine as was the Reichebank of Hitler Germany. The Reichebank did not change its name to Bundesbank until 1948, two years after the Nuremberg Trials. After millions of dead Jews and Christians, nothing has changed but the names. God help us!

At the Nuremberg Trials, not one German Reichebank official was tried, yet the military colossus of Nazi Germany could not have been possible without bank credit (money) created by the Reichebank. Is the world deceived into fixation on the “Holocaust” to cover the bank credit crime as the origin of all modern wars? The military men tried at Nuremberg were pawns and decoys of this master deception. Quite possibly not one of them had any awareness that they were pawns of international bank credit. This is equally true of allied military people as well as the judges themselves at the trial. What the Gods destroy, they first drive mad.

Almost every adult person in the United States files an income tax return. But only those persons living in the District of Columbia, the possessions, territories, and enclaves of the United States, are required to file a form 1040 income tax return. How can so many people be involved in an unlawful, unconstitutional act, except they are victims of propaganda, deception, and trickery?

I quote below from an opinion letter dated February 17, 1997, by Floyd A. Wright, author of the books, Beat The IRS, I Did, and Become a Non-Taxpayer and Save.

The purpose of an opinion letter in a criminal income tax case is to help eliminate willfulness. Willfulness is a necessary requirement for an act to be criminal.
To properly answer this question, a bit of tax history needs to be presented. In 1894, we had an income tax in effect, supported by statutory law. In 1895, this law was challenged up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled this income tax to be unconstitutional, because it was a direct tax. And it was being applied without apportionment. Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Company, 158 US 601.637.

The XVIth Amendment to our Constitution was allegedly ratified in 1913. This Amendment states:

‘The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.’ U.S. Constitution, XVI Amendment.

The average person, who trusts the government, would assume this overcame the restriction of levying direct taxes without apportionment. However, an amendment which contradicts another portion of the Constitution is invalid, unless it contains verbiage voiding the contradictory sections. The XVIth Amendment contained no such verbiage. Furthermore, the Supreme Court indicated this Amendment was valueless in the case of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad; 240 US 1, (1915). The Judges stated that Congress was given no new power of taxation with its passage.

The question might be asked if Congress was given no new power, what was the purpose of the XVIth Amendment? Seemingly, it was only a ‘red herring’ to con the public into thinking the Amendment gave Congress new powers of income tax collection (propaganda). Since it is now obvious there is no valid legal support for collecting income tax, why haven’t the judges put an end to it?

There is one other factor which has aided greatly in the perpetuation of the income tax fraud. This consists of having individuals sign the income tax form under penalties of perjury. When you do this, you have stated you are a ‘taxpayer’ per Sec 7701(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. This act eliminates you as a challenger of the unconstitutionality of the amendment. You have executed a piece of paper, under penalties of perjury. This is collectable under the rules of the Uniform Commercial Code, rather than under the Constitution. Interesting!

The currency you use to acquire things you need is not money. Federal Reserve Notes are not notes. They are not dollars, and they do not satisfy the definition of money. So what are they? They are commercial paper. The rules governing commercial paper are found in the Uniform Commercial Code. And so do many of your answers to any inquiries of IRS agents.

If you do not file a tax return, you have not executed a piece of commercial paper upon which collection can be based. In order for a party to collect on commercial paper, there must be some agreement signed by the debtor party, indicating the agreement to pay at a certain time or on demand.

The tax system is a masterpiece of deception and trickery. Since the Internal Revenue Code does not state who is liable for income tax nor how one becomes liable for the income tax, then income tax liability is not a Constitutional issue. Yet failure to file (26 USC 7203) calls for incarceration and monetary penalties. Is this not duplicity and mind altering deceit?

To further lay one layer of deceit upon another, we quote again from Wright:
In 1954, a battery of legal minds, who were employed by various departments of the federal government, were given the task of determining the jurisdiction (authority) of Congress when it came to imposing any statute on individuals living within and earning their living from within the states. This group was called ‘The Interdepartmental Committee For The Study Of Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within The States.’

This committee submitted their first report of 249 pages to President Eisenhower in April of 1956. Their second report of 351 pages, entitled “A Text of The Law of Legislative Jurisdiction,” was submitted in June of 1957. In this second report (entitled Part II) on pages 46 and 47, we find the following:

‘The Federal Government cannot, by unilateral action on its part, acquire legislative jurisdiction over any area within the exterior boundaries of a state… As was indicated in chapter II, the consent requirement of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, was intended by the framers of the Constitution to preserve the state’s jurisdictional integrity against *federal encroachment.’

This means that most federal legislation does not apply to us in the fifty states. This would include income tax, The Brady Bill, ad infinitum.

Even though we have concluded that the income tax is unconstitutional, immoral, and constitutionally illegal, you can still go to jail if you “willfully fail to file” (26 USC 7203).

Explanation: If you make yourself “liable” by the act of filing a return, your only recourse is to eliminate willfulness, as willfulness is a necessary requirement for an act to be criminal.

What can we conclude? When you sign a confession of judgment on an IRS Form 1040, even though you did it in ignorance, under deception and propaganda intimidation by the IRS, the media, etc., you have transferred yourself under the jurisdiction of the Universal Commercial Code. Constitutional arguments cannot help you because the act of signing a Form 1040 waives your rights under the United States Constitution.

According to Wright, if you can eliminate willfulness, you can eliminate criminal intent. On this, I have no opinion as to your chances of success, but know that it is very rare indeed to beat the King in his own court.

However, I do know this: Going back to the quote from Keynes, the regulatory power of the IRS as well as the IRS information system is absolutely necessary to maintain the authoritarian commercial monopoly of money creation. This satanic system has already bathed the world in blood many times. They would not hesitate to do it over and over again in order to maintain their despotic power and wealth.

May God have mercy on millions of Americans who believe that they are free. There is nothing that says that people have to know that they are slaves in order to be slaves. Visit the military grave of your loved and think on these things.

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