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Why Trump Was Right to End Taliban Talks

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Unread 09.10.19, 04:14 PM
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Why Trump Was Right to End Taliban Talks

On 09.10.19 09:46 AM posted by Cal Thomas

PARIS—President Donald Trump was right to cancel a“secret” meeting with leaders of the Taliban and the Afghangovernment following two bomb attacks by the terrorist group that killed 10civilians, an American soldier, and a Romanian service member in heavilyfortified Kabul.

The president is eager to fulfill a desire to withdrawremaining American forces in what has been one of America’s longest wars. Whoisn’t?

Unfortunately, terrorism does not fall under a singleumbrella. It is not just al-Qaida, though all Islamist terrorist groups appearto have the same objective: Kill Americans, weaken the United States, subjugatewomen, eliminate Israel, and impose its version of Sharia law across the globe.

The prospect of a peace agreement would normally be causefor celebration, except in this case U.S. negotiators don’t appear to know whoand what they are dealing with.

As he ended American involvement in the Vietnam War with theParis Peace Accords, President Richard Nixon declared “peace withhonor.” It wasn’t long before the communist North’s takeover of SouthVietnam and their murder of “collaborators.”

A premature U.S. pullout from Afghanistan will fulfill thelate Osama bin Laden’s prophecy, which he based on America’s Vietnamexperience, that the U.S. has no staying power and all the terrorists have todo is wait us out.

A Taliban spokesman confirmed this in a statement to theLondon Times, declaring the group’s unwillingness to even agree to a ceasefire,much less a peace deal.

“It is not possible for us,” he said. “Wewill fight. We have fought for 18 years and we will fight for a hundred years.We will continue our ‘jihad.'”

There is something else the secular West doesn’t, or worse,refuses to understand. As with some liberal Western leaders who thoughtpromises from communists could be believed, radical Islamists are taught to lieto “infidels,” if it advances the cause of Islam.

From Raymond Ibrahim, writing for Middle East Forum, thePhiladelphia-based conservative think tank:

“According to Sharia (law), in certain situations,deception—also known as ‘taqiyya,’ based on Quranic terminology—is not onlypermitted but sometimes obligatory. For instance, contrary to early Christianhistory, Muslims who must choose between either recanting Islam or being put todeath are not only permitted to lie by pretending to have apostatized, but manyjurists have decreed that, according to Quran 4:29, Muslims are obligated tolie in such instances.”

The Taliban leadership can be counted on to say to the Westwhatever it takes to regain power and to possibly again create a haven forterrorists to plot their next attack on the United States.

The West should never compromise when it comes to theTaliban’s attitude toward women and its desire to return to the days of theircomplete subjugation to men.

Some years ago I met with a group of Afghan women in NewYork, who had managed to escape their country when the Taliban ruled. Theyincluded teachers, lawyers, and businesswomen.

These women told horrific stories of life under the Taliban.They were forced to paint over the windows of their homes, forbidden to leavehome unless accompanied by a male relative, required to wear burqas in public,and should they take a bus anywhere, a male relative had to take the coin fromtheir hands and deposit it in the collection box.

There is no reform movement among the Taliban, so why doubtthe group will return to practicing their interpretation of Islamic law shouldthey have the opportunity?

One hopes the U.S. will not consider anything resemblingunilateral withdrawal, which is not the way to end a war. Victory is.

The “war on terrorism” is unique because it isbased on religious extremism and its accompanying ideology and a willingness—eveneagerness—to die for their cause and their god.

Should a peace deal eventually be reached withoutprotections that preserve U.S. interests (and American lives), it will only ensuremore trouble for the years ahead.

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