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Do We Really ‘Catch’ A Cold?

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Unread 09.02.14, 02:15 PM
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Do We Really ‘Catch’ A Cold?

09.01.14 09:01 PM

When we say we “caught a cold” or we “caught the flu,” we are promoting establishment medicine and huge profits for the industry. All the vaccination and immunization industry is based on a germ theory of disease, which simply says that viruses and bacteria are transferred from one person to another by “germs.” Almost nobody questions this dogma.

Yet if we think about it for a minute, it’s downright foolish. Such foolishness flows to unthinking masses who live by medical establishment propaganda.

If John Doe or Mary Sue in a community “catches” a virus, then the germ theory says that everyone who comes in contact with either of these two will “catch” the virus. We absolutely know that this is not true. We also know that in the flu epidemic of 1918, or any other disease epidemic, that all who come in contact with the virus do not get sick. There is no applied external immunity. Immunity is internal.

This in no way implies that we should be careless with personal hygiene and sanitation. It is the human organism that provides its own immunity; otherwise, the human race would have been extinct for thousands of years.

Many people walked and worked in the midst of the bubonic plague and did not die or even get sick. Ninety percent of the people are reported to have died. All may be true, but what about the 10 percent who were survivors? Nothing else needs to be known to refute the germ theory of disease.

We could bypass a lot of misinformation in the mystery of health if we could go back to the fork in the road that split off between Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) and Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).

Pasteur created fertile ground for the hoax of modern medicine that we have today. Charlatans and sociopaths saw the vast empire of wealth that could be created on the theories of Pasteur. Hence we have the multitrillion-dollar synthetic chemical pharmaceutical colossus that has medically imprisoned the whole planet. We are sicker than ever and everybody knows this, but ignorance keeps us sick and keeps making trillions of dollars for the pharmaceutical conspiracy.

Bechamp, whom almost nobody knows, taught correctly that the milieu or internal environment governs life and health and sickness and death.Simply, if we are healthy inside, we are healthy outside; and no amount of“germs” affect us at all.

Microbes exist within our bodies naturally. They are yeasts, mycobacteria, bacteria and viruses. They are not enemies to our health but allies. They help to restore our body’s health during the repair phase of a disease. (Hammer’s German New Medicine)

We create our own microbes using the smallest particles of living matter that exist inside our bodies. They are known by various names: microzyma (Bechamp), bions (Reich) and somatids (Nassens).

Under the theory of pleomophism, as supported by Bechamp, some bacteria can alter their size and shape in response to environmental conditions. Royal Raymond Rife created a Universal Microscope in the 1930 by which living microbes could be observed as they changed from benign to harmful and back multiple times.

Yet establishment medicine rejected this theory in favor of Pasteur’s.

True health is found in a healthy internal body, not chemicals. This means maintaining a balanced, slightly alkaline pH. Acidity — or acidosis — is death and cancer. Acidosis is a breeding ground for disease. Alkalinity is health.

Alkalinity can be maintained by a proper diet of mostly whole foods. Processed foods are acidic and should be avoided.

Immune systems are also kept strong by maintaining proper levels of vitamin D. Take a natural vitamin D supplement of 4,000 to 5,000 IUs daily. If you are about to undergo surgery, don’t hesitate to take two or three times that dose in the two weeks prior to surgery.

With a slightly alkaline pH and proper levels of vitamin D, you don’t need the flu shot to survive the coming winter without “catching” a cold or flu. Flu vaccines create significant health issues — including reducing your immunity by compromising T cells — while offering only a 1 in 100 chance of preventing the flu.

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