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Family Guy on Fox, Worst TV Show of the Week

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Unread 02.17.12, 08:52 AM
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Family Guy on Fox, Worst TV Show of the Week

Worst TV Show of the Week
Brought to you by the Parents Television Council

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Family Guy on Fox

Family Guy (Sundays, 9:00 p.m.) has always been known for its rather ham-fisted cut-aways Ė which usually start with blatantly obvious set-ups like, ďRemember when such-and-such happened,Ē and suddenly the scene flashes back to when such-and-such happened punctuated by a crude, vulgar twist. The trademark non sequiturs lend the show its frenetic pace, cranking up the jokes-to-story quotient while providing some of the most offensive content. Typically, the show is a hot mess with jokes as subtle as frying pan to the side of the head seemingly coming out of nowhere in all directions. The February 12th episode was no exception. The main plot and the sub-plot werenít the real culprits, though. The frequent throw-away one-liners, the desultory sexual detours, and the random raunchy retorts have earned Family Guy the title of Worst TV Show of the Week.

The primary storyline revolves around Peter becoming the talent agent for local TV anchorman, Tom Tucker, in an attempt to resurrect his long-abandoned acting career. But Peter gets sidetracked when mercurial actor, James Woods, asks Peter to be his agent. Peter, however, canít believe James Woods is even alive since he was supposedly killed during the Season 9 premiere.

Peter: I donít understand it. I thought you were dead.

James Woods: Well, Iím not.

Peter: I donít believe you. God, is that true?

Cut to:

God in Heaven, reclining in a La-Z-Boy while listening to his iPod. His hand slowly drifts towards his crotch, but stops.

God: Come on, donít touch yourself. Youíre God.

Later, James calls Peter on his cell phone in the middle of the night for some non-acting advice.

James Woods: Peter, it's me, Woodsy. I need a favor...So listen, I'm at Chateau Marmont, I just met this 18 year old chick and I can't decide whether to take her home, or keep doing blow with Tom Sizemore and see if I can do better later in the night.

Peter: Well, okay. Umm, do you love her?

James Woods: What? Look, I'm texting you her picture. Just tell me if you think she's hot enough.

Peter: What is this a picture of? Is that the bottom of a white pumpkin?

James Woods: Is she hot or not.

Peter: I, I guess.

James Woods: Okay, good, great. So clear out of your apartment; we're gonna be there in 15.

Peter: What? Iím sleeping. Why canít you bring her to your place?

James Woods: I donít know, man. Itís my auntís daughter. Itís weird.

By the end of the episode, we find out exactly what picture James texted to Peter, who asks Tom to help him decipher it.

Tom: What is that? A balloon running out of air?

Peter: See, I was hoping you would know. [snaps his finger] It's his cousin's anus.

Meanwhile, Chris begins to date a girl at school who looks remarkably like his own mother, Lois. The writers obviously took great delight in exploiting the following Freudian reference:

Stewie: Looks like somebody's getting a little Oedipus-y.

Brian: Can we say that?

Stewie: Just did.

God masturbating, sex with an 18-year-old cousin, and a lurid pun Ė sadly, thatís pretty much par for the course with this show. There were plenty more examples from this one episode alone, but why belabor the point? Suffice it to say, Family Guy operates like a cheap buffetÖquantity over quality. Consume at your own risk because most of it is rank and tasteless.

For non-stop sexual content, Family Guy has been named Worst TV Show of the Week.

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