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Wrong Post on D.C. Rights

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Unread 03.14.09, 08:56 AM
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Wrong Post on D.C. Rights

Posted: 03.12.09 06:00 PM

In predictable, hypocritical fashion, the Washington Post haughtily hails legislation to allow D.C. residents a voting member of Congress, but continues to dismiss citizens' firearms freedom to protect themselves in their own homes.

In its March 3, 2009, editorial ("The D.C. Right on the Line"), the Post whined about the Senate's adoption of a D.C. voting measure that also includes a provision to force D.C. officials to honor the Second Amendment rights, as confirmed by the Supreme Court last year. Ever since the Court struck down D.C.'s ban on firearms ownership, city officials have done everything possible to prevent residents from exercising their individual right to own a gun in their home.

The Senate bill, in addition to providing the District with a voting member of Congress, also provides D.C. residents their individual Second Amendment rights.

Two rights in one bill!

But the Post called that second right an "extraneous" issue and derided the Senate action as "so extreme as to be reckless."

That's the Washington Post for you-calling an individual right, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and reaffirmed by the United States Supreme Court-extraneous, extreme and reckless.

While armed thugs, drug dealers, robbers and rapists continue to plague D.C. neighborhoods because law-abiding citizens in our nation's capital are denied the basic freedom to own a firearm in their own homes for protection of self and family, the Washington Post continues to hypocritically dismiss its readers' Second Amendment rights.

Source: www.nranews.com
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