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Who is this Bob Livingston and what does he mean?

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Who is this Bob Livingston and what does he mean?

05.13.18 09:01 PM

While we have a large core of long-term and dedicated Personal Liberty subscribers – and we love and appreciate every one of you — we have learned over the nine-plus years of this site’s existence that there is a lot of turnover in our subscriber base. New readers come and go all the time, but we always see a particular uptick in new readers when we make changes to the way we present our information, as we recently did.

New subscribers find us in any of a number of ways, but many of them happen upon us thinking they have found a Republican Party site or a mainstream “conservative” site that supports the Republican Party ideologically. This often leads to some confusion – and sometimes something akin to hurt feelings – among the new readers when they see things they would not expect to see at mainstream Republican sites.

It’s not unusual for these new readers – who have no background in the Personal Liberty philosophy – to take umbrage with one or more thoughts presented in our columns. Their immediate reaction often reflects what most political discourse has devolved to since the advent of social media and they respond by either moving on, threatening to unsubscribe or by denigrating the writer and labeling the contrarian or new ideas as “liberal.” Therefore we’ve found it’s necessary from time to time explain who we are.

We hope it’s beneficial to you, the new reader, and not too boring if you’re a “long-timer” who may be seeing this for the second or third time.

First of all, are we truly conservative, or are we liberal? And do these terms even hold any meaning anymore?

It’s difficult to say, given the hyperpartisanship of today’s political discussions and the broad divide now found between people who vote Republican and people who vote Democrat? Perhaps a re-evaluation of these concepts is in order.

Take, for instance, the notion that conservatism means support for toppling foreign regimes; making war on countries that have not attacked us “for democracy;” perpetual wars on terror, drugs, etc.; support for Social Security or for transferring the redistribution of wealth program called Social Security into corporate-owned “private” retirement funds that can be confiscated by government at any time; and continuing to expand welfare and food stamps in order to be “compassionate;” and support for the notion that taxes on wealth are legitimate because everyone owes his “fare share.” Those who covet their neighbor’s “fair share” are deceived by collectivist ideology which feeds on greed and lust.

This is owing to the power of propaganda and the use of*code words*by establishment politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces who intentionally*distort the language*to suit their purposes and advance their agenda. Conservative and liberal arguments about politics and issues are used to deceive great masses of people into following after messianic leaders and their all-encompassing, collectivist social policies.

While there are conservatives and liberals (some use the term right wing and left wing ideologies) among the masses, this paradigm does not exist among the elected and bureaucratic class. If it did, as polar opposite as those ideologies are, you would see a vast difference in the direction of the country. As it is, no matter whether the “R” party is in charge or the “D” party is in charge, or there is some combination of the two holding joint power, little ever changes beyond who holds the choicest seats at the table.

So who is Bob Livingston?

First and foremost I am not the adulterous former congressman — and lobbyist for Muslim interests — from Louisiana. I am an octogenarian Christian American patriot. In the 1960s, I became alarmed at the direction our nation was headed. I became frustrated with the lies, deceit, misinformation and deliberate disinformation being spread as “truth” by the government, the manipulated media and the controlling elite. I believed the lies about our lives, politics and especially health needed be exposed, so I began to seek an outlet to do that.

In 1969 I began publishing a newsletter named “Christians Awake” dedicated to warning fellow Christians about this mass deception and actions by the ruling the elite who were quietly waging war on fundamental Christianity by – among other things – actively promoting a false doctrine based on universalism and by advocating and legislating and creating government policy endorsing universalist religions of all stripes. (For a recent explanation of this read, “What’s behind the war on Christianity?”)

In the 1980s, to reach a wider audience, we changed the name of the newsletter to*The Bob Livingston Letter, which is still in publication and available by subscription. We stayed true to the newsletter’s original purpose, but also began warning about the government’s war on privacy, its use of stealth and deception to steal our wealth and its targeting of our health through misdirection and falsehoods about natural supplements, vaccines and medications. We founded Personal Liberty in 2008 to further expand our reach.

Are you a Republican or a Democrat, or something else?

I belong to no political party and am beholden to none. I consider myself an ultra-conservative and a Constitutionalist. Some read what I write and call me a conservative, some a liberal, some a libertarian. As stated above, those labels are meaningless in their current sense. I cannot be placed within any preconceived ideological box.

In all things I default to God, individual liberty and small, Constitutional government in politics and governance; in that order. Anything else I consider to be anti-freedom.

Republicans claim to have the corner on genuine conservatism, much as Democrats claim to have the corner on genuine liberalism. Both claims are false but are perceived as true thanks to mass deception. Today’s conservatism and liberalism are but twin pincers of the same, dynamic, ever-changing, collectivist dialectic.

Today’s pseudo-conservatives and their neocon brethren are particularly adept at leading astray large numbers of middle class Americans, especially Christians, patriots and other good folks. If not for the consistent acquiescence of Republican “conservatives” to the collectivist agenda, America would have retained its limited, constitutional republic, even in this “sophisticated” day and age.

Note that in a federal government dominated by a Republican majority, the federal leviathan grows in both size and power, coupled together with New World Order. Note, too, that Republican-appointed judges continue to rule in favor of the state and the progressive agenda in almost all cases.

What do you mean by ultra-conservative?

This is essentially the classical liberalism of Thomas Jefferson/James Madison/Patrick Henry. It’s the political philosophy that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government restrained by the shackles of the Constitution. It’s a belief, as the conservative thinker Russell Kirk writes, in an enduring moral order, a strong sense of right and wrong and that all social questions are questions of a private – and I add, a God-based – morality. And no, this does not mean theocracy, which would be anathema to personal liberty.

There is nothing conservative about the welfare state, the warfare state or the police state. All are big government programs and are used to steal liberties – particularly the liberties of free association, free assembly, free speech, free markets and control over one’s own body.

I also embrace the nonaggression principle of libertarianism. That is why I am anti-war and oppose current U.S. foreign policy. When America goes abroad seeking monsters to slay among countries that have not attacked us and pose to us no real threat, we act counter to our founding principles and take from others those rights we espouse to uphold.

Ultra-conservatism is*not*the neoconservatism of the establishment Republican Party, nor is it the obtuse nationalism of Donald Trump. Neoconservatives are the proverbial “liberals who have been mugged” and are converts to pseudo-conservatism. Their true history is that the leading lights of neo-conservatism were/are ex-Trotskyites — followers of the Menshevik communist philosophy of Lenin’s early Soviet comrade, Leon Trotsky. They fled the liberalism of the Democrat party when they perceived it had become soft on the Soviet Union. They can be found of late via their Russia-phobic actions and statements, but they are the faux conservatives of the George Bush (both I and II), Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, William Kristol, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Rush Limbaugh wing of the Republican Party. They are pro-war Zionists, Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission members and adherents who advocate using both soft and hard power to establish U.S. hegemony over the world, primarily on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia and the New World Order and to preserve the petro dollar and “spread democracy,”*which is not freedom in any sense.

They defend the eternal keeping of our soldier-children in South Korea, Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and wherever a “radical Muslim” may be found.

And they have captured President Trump… or he was one of them all along.

They disparage those who speak of the District of Columbia as if it were a sewer. (It is!) And they criticize those who want to eliminate such unconstitutional and intrusive federal agencies as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, etc.

Who are these “elites” you write about?

The ruling elite is a small number of families who have ruled the world for 1,000 years. They are neither Christians nor benevolent rulers. They are merciless and Malthusian despots who demand blood sacrifice from the deceived humanity. They use psychopathic bureaucrats and politicians to carry out their deception and systematic oppression. They are godless and the only loyalty they have is to the secret orders (Skull and Bones) of ancient handshakes and symbols of the all-seeing eye of “providence” and “The New Order of the Ages.”

I have been speaking out against their machinations for years, and I have been labeled a kook and a conspiracy theorist for doing so.*The New York Times*spends an inordinate amount of time trying to convince you that the political “right” created this bogeyman, and that the “elites” don’t exist. You don’t need much more evidence than that to know that they do, and are not looking out for our welfare but their own.

Why are you against vaccines and write so much about alternative medicine?

The human body can only make health out of food. It cannot make health out of drugs or death, as in dead viruses injected into humans. The crime of our age is the deception that drugs can heal or cure sickness that is always caused by some form of malnutrition and chemical exposure. Drugs and chemicals mask disease. They do not cure it.

Vaccines and drugs delivered this way kill natural immunity. Natural exposure to “germs” in childhood can lead to natural immunity and long-term health. Health authorities kill infectious microorganisms with the mass use of multiple vaccines. But studies show that even the so-called “bad germs” are necessary for good health.

Further, good health is essential to liberty, as is the freedom to choose the type of health care we want to have. Orthodox medicine limits choice as much as it damages health and immunity. We do not have, by any definition “healthcare” in the United States – even pre-Obamacare. It’s sickness care. It’s population control. If you are not sick when you go to the medical system, you certainly will be soon. The U.S. medical system is a killing machine for profit.

Why are you so critical of the police?

Local police should be peace officers, not militarized law enforcers. Police have become violent and abusive to the public they are supposed to protect, and we regularly document cases of abuse in our “Power of the State” section.*This is the natural result of the “War on Drugs” and warriors coming home from the “War on Terror” to become LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) and of the influence the federal government has — through grants, training and the divvying out of military equipment — to local police.

The elected and bureaucratic class sit in their ivory towers removed from the people creating all manner of laws, rules and regulations to abuse us and steal our freedoms. But without the LEO class, those laws, rules and regulations are no more than words on paper. LEOs then, are the enforcers who look us in the eye as they abuse us and steal our freedoms and do the dirty work of the elites.

What are the benefits of Bob Livingston conservatism?

Pseudo-conservatives surrender their vast number of comprehensive personal and local governments and liberties for something seemingly grander — seemingly better. It is a big lie. How could there be anything better than total liberty?

That “something better” masquerades as nationalism but is unmasked as collectivism, AKA international socialism, AKA global democracy, AKA the New World Order. In recent times it was known as Marxism, Fabianism, the New Deal, Nazism, and communism. In ancient times, when the religious basis of political manipulation was more fully acknowledged, it was known as Orientalism, Babylonianism and Baalism.

Deception is the means whereby pseudo-conservative lies are grasped by the masses as essential life-truths. The religio-political “Establishment” pumps out continuous propaganda “truth reversals” in order to condition the mass population to collectivist transcendentalism. The deception is that bigger is better. The deception is that economics matters more than identity. The deception is that the world and the nation matter more than family. The big lie technique really works, you see, because people want to buy into something BIG! Witness the convergence of American politics and global tyranny.

The deception is that achievement, success and happiness come by power rather than by restraints upon power. The minimal result of deceptively programming people in reverse thinking is double thinking. Double thinking leads to hypocrisy, instability, and double crossing of family, neighbors and local community.

Embracing ultra-conservatism rolls back the state and allows liberty to flourish and families and a free society to grow. It destroys doublethink and resists tyranny of all types.

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