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Scientists Discover New Delivery System For Probiotics

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Unread 09.07.11, 04:20 AM
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Scientists Discover New Delivery System For Probiotics

09.06.11 09:01 PM

Probiotics are typically taken to alleviate gastrointestinal problems and as an effort to boost the immune system. While the bacteria have been shown to be helpful in many ways, they are susceptible to death by stomach acid when not properly protected.

Researchers at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK believe they may have an answer in the form of a new polymer that has been shown to protect probiotics in the stomach for up to four hours.

"Our research uses a novel biodegradable, edible and non-toxic biopolymer to protect bacteria during storage and after ingestion so that consistent numbers of live and viable friendly bacteria can be administered via food products," said lead author Iza Radecka.

In a study of the newly developed material, researchers observed that the bacteria strains Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria lasted twice as long when coated in the polymer, compared to traditional coatings.

Authors of the study said their findings may also be relevant to other natural nutritional supplements and treatments that are sensitive to heat and acid. Further research must be conducted before the material can be approved for commercial use.

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