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Solar Panels on Homes: Economic Loser

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Unread 02.22.08, 10:59 AM
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Solar Panels on Homes: Economic Loser

Solar Panels on Homes: Economic Loser

RUSH: You know, on many occasions on this program I have voiced my opinion about solar panels and solar energy on your house and so forth. Remember the arguments we've had that solar panels can cause your electric meter to run backwards? And I have shared with you my experience as the owner of a house in which I was forced, in California, to have panels up there on the roof. I was assured that they were going to lower my electric bill, but, of course, I had nothing to compare it to because you couldn't turn the damn things off under fear of jail and penalty.

Well, from the San Jose Mercury News: "Installing solar panels on homes is an economic 'loser' with the costs far outweighing the financial benefit, a respected University of California-Berkeley business professor said Wednesday. The technology, using photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, is not economically competitive with fossil fuels and costs more than other renewable fuels, said Severin Borenstein, who also directs the UC Energy Institute. 'We are throwing away money by installing the current solar PV technology,' he said. Not surprisingly, the solar industry reacted strongly to the report. Neal Lurie with the American Solar Energy Society called the study 'a publicity stunt.' 'Borenstein doesn't give proper credit to the important role that competition and economies of scale play in driving down costs,' he said. And Julie Blunden, a vice president with San Jose's SunPower, said Borenstein's analysis was 'deeply flawed.' 'He seems to be disconnected from the empirical data in the market,' she said. 'He doesn't seem to have much peripheral vision from his ivory tower.' But in his 38-page paper, Borenstein attacked several arguments made by solar proponents[; that] solar systems provide energy on hot, sunny days when the strain on the grid is the highest. That's true, Borenstein said, but the ability to provide power during peak periods of demand increases the economic value of PV solar only slightly, perhaps up to 20 percent more.... [He says] solar as a power source on people's homes cuts the cost of transmission and distribution. But in California, adding solar has 'not significantly' lowered these costs 'and is unlikely to do so in other'"--

Folks, let me tell you how this works. You remember in California when they encouraged all these new cars, these little puddle things out there that get all this new mileage, supposedly? Well, when people started buying these little lawn mowers with seats on them and their gas mileage went up, it meant they were buying less gasoline. And guess what the state of California -- which, of course urged all this to happen -- found? That their gas tax revenue was plummeting, and so they were going to have to go out and raise gas taxes in order to compensate for their loss -- over people doing what the state had said to do to save money! All of this is a scam, and when the state's telling you to do something to reduce your use of it, and if they tax it, they're going to eventually figure it out that your less use, your decreased use, is going to cost them money and they're going to have to find a way to get the money back -- ergo, your savings, if there are any, go down the tubes.
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