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Americans For Prosperity

To Understand Medicare for All, Look Under the Hood***

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Unread 02.07.19, 01:50 PM
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To Understand Medicare for All, Look Under the Hood***

02.07.19 09:32 AM

A recent*tracking poll*from*the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that Medicare for All, a single-payer health care program, enjoys popular support — until, that is, respondents look under the hood and learn what the program would*really entail. According to the poll, 56 percent of Americans support Medicare for All. But, when informed that it would eliminate private health insurance, support for the program drops to 37 percent. And when informed that Medicare for All would threaten existing Medicare, support plummets*to 32 percent. The numbers become even more dismal for proponents of single-payer when respondents are informed that the program would lead to delays in medical tests and treatment. Support drops to just 26 percent. Opposition rises to 70 percent. Taking a look*at the inner workings of Medicare for All*reveals precisely the sort of policy that Americans would rather do without. Medicare for All: Is a bloated, destructive takeover of the health care industry. Sweeps Americans from their current plans. Tangles every step of seeking and receiving care in red tape. It Outlaws Private Insurance Single-payer proponents*intentionally keep Americans in the dark when they don’t knowledge that their plan would*boot*180 million Americans*off their private insurance plans. But the*model legislation they’ve pitched*for the plan*reveals […]

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