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Bush Becoming a Catholic?

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Unread 06.16.08, 04:23 PM
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Bush Becoming a Catholic?


Bush Becoming a Catholic?
Monday, June 16, 2008 11:05 AM

By: Jim Meyers

President Bush may follow in the footsteps of his brother Jeb and convert to Catholicism, several European papers are reporting.

In the wake of the president’s visit to see Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, Italian newspapers, citing Vatican sources, said Bush was open to the idea of converting to Catholicism.

The Italian newspaper Il Foglio referred to such talk about Bush’s possible conversion and stated that “anything is possible, especially for someone reborn like Bush.”

Noting that Tony Blair converted to Catholicism after leaving office as Britain’s prime minister last year, the paper also stated that “if anything happens, it will happen after he finishes his period as president, not before. It is similar to Blair’s case, but with different circumstances.”

President Bush welcomed Pope Benedict XVI warmly when he visited the U.S. in April. And Vatican watchers noted that Bush met privately with the pontiff in the private gardens of the Vatican last Friday — an unprecedented place for the Pope to meet a head of state. Typically, the Vatican gardens are used by the Pope for private reflection.

A Vatican spokesman said the Pope used the unusual locale to reciprocate for the “warmth” Bush showed when the two met in Washington.

Though the Catholic Church has criticized the U.S. war in Iraq, Bush has been an ardent supporter of pro-life issues; he has staunchly opposed stem-cell research; and he opposes gay marriage — all issues important for Rome.

Currently Bush belongs to a Methodist church in Texas and attends an Episcopal church in Washington, D.C.

A friend of Bush, Father George William Rutler — who converted to Catholicism in 1979 — told the Catholic News Agency that Bush “is not unaware of how evangelicalism, by comparison with Catholicism, may seem more limited both theologically and historically.”

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Unread 06.17.08, 06:15 AM
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If by 'limited both theologically and historically' you mean that Catholics devote more time to ritual, and less to meaning . . . sure I guess I could believe that. In Rome, there were four equal churches at one point in time. Then Attila the Hun starts moving towards Rome, obviously thinking to sack it. The Pope goes out to dissuade him with the power of God, and a very large amount of gold. The Roman Catholic Church spun it to gain the upper hand on the other churches and here we are to this day. I suppose you could say that Catholics were more historically significant. The Crusades and the Inquisition come to mind. You could also say something as to the shift in most Catholic/Christian holidays to coincide with various pagan rituals to make the pagans more easy to convert. In the Bible, Jesus says the only way to Heaven is through me, not through some guy in a box telling you to say 'Hail Mary' 10 times. When you slice away most of the useless rituals out of a Catholic church, you are left with a Protestant church. Paul listed as one of the requirements of being the head of a church as only having one wife. That is a far cry from the no wife doctrine that the Catholic church requires. Paul said it would be best if you could abstain entirely, but if not that you should take a wife so that you would not be led into sin. Now look at the Catholic churches scandals with their priests. Most of them just like us, not fully capable of controlling their sexual urges. There is no dishonor in this by itself, but when you decide to act upon it, with altar boys, that is when it becomes a problem, though I must say, it would likely be a significantly smaller problem if they allowed their church members to marry. It's not for me, but if I were a Catholic parent, I certainly wouldn't allow my children to work in the church in any capacity until they were old enough and strong enough to defend themselves. Attending church is fine, but putting your children in harms way is a little irresponsible. The vast majority of priests may be totally celibate, or at least not attack children, but if you can reduce the danger to your child, it seems as if you would choose to. You cannot get into Heaven by acts, so making your child an altar boy or to put them in any other church service will not help your child as much as it could harm them. Don't take this as an anti-Christian post, I am far from, but I have read the Bible all the way through on multiple occasions and the things many Catholics say and do, do not come from the Bible in any capacity. The Bible is a Christians roadmap, and Catholics have been getting their directions from other sources for a long time.
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