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Obamacare may not survive the year

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Unread 11.02.15, 04:40 PM
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Obamacare may not survive the year

11.02.15 01:18 PM

Conservatives have been saying that Obamacare is doomed to collapse under its own weight since before it was fully implemented. And with a series of price hikes and service cuts plaguing the president’s healthcare overhaul in recent months, a top Republican is predicting that Obamacare critics won’t have to wait much longer to witness its self-destruction.

According to Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, Obamacare will likely fall apart completely within the next year. He made the prediction in a Washington Times op-ed published Sunday, just as the latest open enrollment period for the government-managed healthcare scheme began.

“Unless something dramatic happens, this may be the year of the health care law’s collapse,” Barrasso wrote. “Prices keep rising and service keeps fading. It should not surprise the administration that people are not signing up.”

Barrasso predicted that Americans are going to suffer a bit of sticker shock if they log into the healthcare exchange this year. More shocking, he said, will be how little healthcare they’re able to get at such high prices.

“Premiums are jumping by double digits in many states. In Alaska, premiums will be nearly 40 percent higher next year,” he wrote. “People buying insurance on the Minnesota exchange will pay anywhere from 14 to 49 percent more.

“Premiums are just one part of the high-cost story,” the lawmaker continued. “Many plans are raising deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket costs.”

To highlight Obamacare’s lack of options for patients, Barrasso cited a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis which described how users in some states can’t even find Obamacare providers.

“People living in 14 of Nevada’s 16 counties will have only one or two companies to pick from,” he wrote. “In Wyoming, with the failure of WINHealth, residents will have only one option.”

The Obamacare collapse has been inevitable for some time, as co-ops throughout the nation have struggled constantly to remain solvent or simply shut their doors for good.

As we noted late last month:
Nine Obamacare co-ops have failed. Billions of dollars in federal-to-state Obamacare subsidies are unaccounted for. The White House is already trying to temper expectations that enrollment for 2016 will come anywhere near its earlier projections.

And now we have a state where lawmakers are proposing a single-payer replacement for Obamacare — something many early critics predicted, well before the Affordable Care Act was ever put to Congress for a vote.

Colorado’s Obamacare exchange is poised to become the latest in a growing succession of state-run healthcare exchanges to shut down altogether. And progressive lawmakers there have joined with a citizen-backed campaign in floating a ballot initiative, Initiative 20, that would establish a statewide payer plan for residents’ medical care — rendering the Obamacare exchange obsolete.

For now, the Obama administration is simply working to lower Obamacare expectations to make the healthcare disaster look less like a total failure. But as things get worse for Obamacare consumers and providers, you can bet that pretty soon all 50 states will have worked out a plan to get out from under the president’s healthcare scheme.

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