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Professor: At least give the teachers mace

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Unread 02.26.18, 03:28 AM
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Professor: At least give the teachers mace

02.25.18 10:01 PM

A public policy expert at George Washington University argues that President Donald Trump’s plan to train and arm a small percentage of teachers on school campuses would be an effective way to stop shootings more quickly. But if Americans aren’t ready to go along with the plan, the professor says the teachers should at least be permitted to keep mace on hand.

George Washington University law professor*John Banzhaf wrote a recent memo explaining that arming educators is a good idea because there’s no feasible way to predict future attacks on schools.

“While most would agree that even a small, light, and easily concealed handgun is many times more likely to stop a student shooter, a highly irritating chemical able to stop a grizzly and capable of being sprayed 20 or more feet is far more effective than attacking an armed shooter with chairs, backpacks, or even computer cables as some have suggested,” he wrote.

The professor’s suggestion came just after Trump was ridiculed in the media for suggesting that some teachers on school campuses should be trained and armed to respond to active shooter situations.

“I think a concealed permit for — having teachers and letting people know that there are people in the building with a gun — you won’t have — in my opinion, you won’t have these shootings. Because these people are cowards. They’re not going to walk into a school if 20 percent of the teachers have guns,” Trump said.

Banzhaf said the president’s plan is more workable than attempting to identify every possible shooter before they carry out an act of violence.

“Simply trying to identify all teens who have a mental illness or defect which might become serious enough to lead them to shoot others might itself not be feasible, much less providing sufficient treatment, supervision, etc. to insure that it will not occur.”

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