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Personal Liberty

Internet Censorship By Fiat

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Unread 09.21.12, 12:01 AM
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Internet Censorship By Fiat

09.20.12 09:01 PM

The free exchange of information on the Internet has eliminated Big Brotherís ability to control the message. This makes elites walking the halls of power uneasy. Thatís why efforts by government to regulate and censor the Internet wonít die, no matter how many times the public thinks itís killed them.

Since Congress has twice been beaten down on the issue thanks to uprisings by the unwashed masses, the illegal White House usurper has decided to once again do an end run around Congress and legislate by fiat with a new executive order. As usual, the new regulation is designed ďto make us safe.Ē

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — a recent purchaser of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (to make us safe, Iím certain) — said Wednesday the cybersecurity executive order that the White House is drafting is close to completion.

The draft order is said to be based on a measure in Senator Internet Kill Switch Joe Liebermanís bill that died earlier this year. That measure, critics charged, would serve as a back door for regulatory agencies to force companies to meet new security standards. It would make it easier to regulate and surveil Internet communications.

The American defense and intelligence networks are primary exporters of cyberwarfare, so another executive order is not going to ďmake us safeĒ from cyberattack.

What would really make us safe would be having Presidents who didnít routinely violate Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution. But, of course, we canít expect a Congress that routinely approves anti-liberty measures like the USA Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act (which calls for the secret indefinite detention of Americans) and allows Presidents to assassinate American citizens on a whim or make war without a formal declaration of war on countries that have not attacked us to have any concerns about whether the President is shredding the Constitution.

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