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National Rifle Association

Get It 'Right'

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Unread 03.01.09, 05:30 PM
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Get It 'Right'

Anti-gunners in New Jersey are still trying to pass a bill that would ration pistol purchases in the state. Even worse, the gun-control crowd is trying to convince residents that this bill wouldn't restrict anyone's rights.

Bryan Miller, the head of the anti-gun group Ceasefire NJ, said the bill is about balance "between the privilege of a tiny minority of handgun owners in the state and the common good of public safety."

That's a bunch of bull. The Second Amendment is a right guaranteed to all Americans, even the ones who live in New Jersey. There is no Second Amendment privilege, just as there's no First Amendment "privilege to speak." If the government of New Jersey decided to treat the First Amendment as badly as it's treated the Second Amendment, Mr. Miller would be applying to the local police for permission to speak about political matters, just as gun owners currently have to get a pistol purchase permit before they can legally buy a firearm in the state.

Even the current draconian gun laws aren't enough for Bryan Miller though. He thinks that the state should be able to decide just how many firearms are "enough" for you, and he's trying to sell New Jersey on the idea that a gun rationing system would somehow reduce violent crime.

Given the hoops legal gun owners already have to jump through in New Jersey, it's ridiculous to think that this proposal is going to reduce crime. What it will do is tell residents that their rights are in strict subordination to the whims of the state legislature, and the Second Amendment is only the starting point. Every New Jersey resident, gun owner or not, should stand opposed to this restriction on individual liberty.

Source: www.nranews.com
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