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Another 9/11 anniversary comes and we’re still at war

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Unread 09.10.18, 05:31 PM
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Another 9/11 anniversary comes and we’re still at war

09.09.18 09:01 PM

Seventeen years ago tomorrow will mark the anniversary of a bomb being dropped on the American psyche.

The 9/11 attack on America was a prelude for perpetual U.S. war on the Middle East and Africa. The U.S. has been responding with bombs of its own ever since.

A series of wars not related to 9/11 — but launched under the guise of the “war on terror” and using the imprimatur of the 2001 authorization to use force agreement — were launched and continue to this day upon the Middle Eastern, Persian and North African nations and people. As a result, the entire region is destabilized; millions of innocent people have been killed, injured and displaced; and untold trillions of dollars of infrastructure, buildings and homes have been destroyed. The people have been left homeless, destitute, starving and diseased.

The U.S. has bombed wedding parties and birthdays in Pakistan and U.S. citizens in Yemen. In order to “save” citizens in Libya, it bombed them. It helped assassinate Moammar Gadhafi. “We came, we saw, he died,” Clinton yucked when she learned of Gadhafi’s death.

It’s bombed people in Mali, Somalia and Algeria. According to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, the U.S. drone campaign has killed thousands of innocent civilians, including hundreds of children. Tens of thousands more died in Libya from NATO (read U.S.) bombs.

The result of that exercise in “soft power” was a power vacuum in a once peaceful country that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Libyans, and hundreds of thousands more impoverished and caught in the crossfire of a sundry of militant groups vying for power and a UN-installed government in charge of parts of the country. It also enabled the gunrunning operation through the Libyan consulate that got Ambassador Chris Stephens and three others killed.

Is anyone surprised that there are people in the world who bitterly hate the United States and its rulers?

The U.S. spawned ISIS in 2006 with an assist from Saudi Arabia and nurtured, aided and abetted the terror organization’s campaign against Syria with the help of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. For a time we were told ISIS even posed an existential threat to America*— the greatest threat since Nazi Germany, they said.

The U.S. continues to fund and protect al-Qaida-linked anti-Syrian forces and President Donald Trump has warned Syria and its ally Russia not to eradicate the U.S.-backed “rebels” in Idlib, threatening a confrontation. U.S. warmongers of late — apparently able to discern future events — predict a Syrian chemical weapons attack on the rebels, which serves to provide cover for another false flag chemical release by the rebels on Syrians in Idlib.

Syria is just another stepping stone to war in Iran which would culminate the globalist’s plans to destabilize and conquer the Middle East as outlined in the Council on Foreign Relations’ playbook, The Project for the New American Century, and the Brookings Institute’s Which Path to Persia.

The U.S. is also expanding its war in Africa, backing Saudi Arabia and providing them with refueling and logistical support for its war on Yemen. Foreign Policy, a mouthpiece publication of the establishment, notes America is building a $110 million drone base in Niger to patrol the skies and target militants and smugglers traveling between Niger, Libya, Algeria, Mali, and Chad. The base will soon house some 650 members of the U.S. military.

It is very difficult to get any truth in America from the politicians or the controlled media. And certainly the official story of the 9/11 attack is a conspiracy theory.

It is risky to believe anything official. The art of war is that all warfare is based on deception and that rulers must cultivate the appearance of moral rightness in order to rally the people and persuade them to fight. It works!

That’s right. The official story is a lie. Not even the 9/11 Commission believes it got to the bottom of what happened that day because of a massive cover-up by agencies and actors within the U.S. government. Dozens of questions surrounding the official narrative remain unanswered, and the establishment and those trapped in conventional wisdom or suffering from normalcy bias relegate the questions to fringe nuttery and dismiss them.

No one even bothers to ponder what happened to WTC 7, the first skyscraper in history to collapse as a result of fire (the official story).

The cover-up of Saudi Arabia’s involvement continues apace.

In short, the 9/11 event only served the interests of the U.S. establishment. Much private freedom has been lost in the interest of “security,” not to mention the killing and maiming (both physically and mentally) of thousands of U.S. service members plus trillions upon trillions of dollars stolen from the American people through money printing and to support the military-industrial machine.

The so-called “war on terror” was supposed to make us safe from terror attacks. But despite the years of war, we are told the terror threat now is as great as ever and false flag terror attacks — the FBI is surprisingly involved every time in either facilitating them or in tracking the culprits, only to lose them at the last minute — are occurring with greater frequency.

Now in terms of psychological warfare against the American people by “our” own government, “attacks” on the U.S. only serve to build the power and despotism of the establishment.

All modern wars are bankster wars; and the banksters and corporatists make out like bandits while the people are killed, maimed, impoverished and enslaved. The “war on terror” is a fraud orchestrated by the elites and designed to create the New World Order. That’s the truth; but the American people, for the most part, don’t believe it and will not even consider it.

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