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Barack And Michelle Ask Moms To Become Obamacare Community Organizers On Their Grocer

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Unread 12.22.13, 09:13 PM
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Barack And Michelle Ask Moms To Become Obamacare Community Organizers On Their Grocer

12.22.13 10:01 PM

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle met with eight moms at the White House last week to establish a nebulous cultural association between domestic nurturing and the Affordable Care Act, with the President entreating mothers everywhere to become community organizers for Obamacare the next time they’re in the cereal aisle.

“There’s something about moms,” said the President. “Nothing can replace telling stories in the grocery store to somebody who may be skeptical. And that kind of face-to-face interaction makes this concrete and it describes exactly why this is so important.”

“The words I think of are ‘peace of mind,’” the first lady added. “Every family needs the peace of mind to know they’re going to have the safety net they need. As Barack said, these stories are powerful… I’d urge everyone out there who has a story to share it.”

According to Valerie Jarrett, who says she doesn’t really hold much sway with the Obamas anyway, “The first lady is the best salesperson” for Obamacare.

She’s getting involved now, Jarrett said, because she’s the right person to convey the message of the moment: that the uninsured — especially young people and minorities — should look for insurance on exchanges and that those with insurance are already feeling the benefits of the law.

As this phase continues, Obama will speak out more on health care, Jarrett said. People familiar with the White House’s plans expect more engagement by the first lady in 2014.

The timing of her involvement, after controversies have eased and ahead of the holidays, is no accident.

“There is no question that they wanted to keep her away from the mess [of] it,” said Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist who has a good relationship with the East Wing. “Now that things have started to smooth out and they’ve been able to get to a point of focusing more on the benefits and those folks who are able to sign up for insurance, it’s the right moment for the first lady to get involved.”

The right moment. Sure, be our guest.

At least right now, perhaps the first lady would like to rethink her grocery-gossip advice. She probably doesn’t want somebody’s mom to share this story. Or this one. Or this one right here. And speaking of domestic nurturing, for heaven’s sake, don’t let anybody’s mom share this one. Heck, why not? Here are four more. And, unless Michelle and Barack are going for irony, the grocery store probably isn’t the ideal venue to share this story, or this one — especially if a store employee is within earshot.

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