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I Felt Gay Attraction for Years and Didn?t Want It. Counseling Helped Save My Life.

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Unread 05.15.19, 04:04 PM
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I Felt Gay Attraction for Years and Didn?t Want It. Counseling Helped Save My Life.

On 05.15.19 01:54 PM posted by Ken Williams

For my entire childhood, I was confused about my gender, notfitting in with boys or girls.

Early on, I was exposed to gay porn and touched byneighborhood boys. When my sexual desires emerged, they were only for males.

Since I loathed who I was, I would fixate on one impressivemale, wanting to just delete myself and replace me with him. “Gay” was myassumed identity, but I hated myself because I didn’t want to be gay. I wantedto fit in with the boys, not be sexually attracted to them.

By age 17, I was emotionally unstable. Searching foranswers, I walked into a Christian bookstore in desperation. I left suicidalbecause there were no resources there that offered me real help.

Finally, I broke down, told my parents about my same-sexdesires and behaviors, and found a therapist who helped me explore the changesthat I wanted to pursue. For five years, I met with Dr. Schmidt weekly, and hehelped me talk through my emotional pain and connect with a support group ofpeople who were also leaving homosexuality.

I realized that I wasn’t alone, and I discovered, over time,the underlying issues contributing to my same-sex attraction and genderconfusion. Gradually, my insecurities, self-hatred, fear of males, andobsession over one male faded.

I then attended a ministry school where I found a communityof people who were not intimidated by my messy process. Eventually, I found thecourage to show them my pains and imperfections, and they loved me regardless.

From there, my addictions to pornography, masturbation, andcodependency dramatically fell away.

Some people want to be gay, and that’s their right inAmerica. But some people who experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoriaare not at peace with that direction for their lives. Many people experiencesame-sex attraction or gender confusion only after having been abused.

While sexual abuse is not part of everyone’s story, the connection is common—and interacting with someone else’s genitalia doesn’t heal sexual abuse trauma. But talk therapy can.

>>> Ex-Gay Pastor’s Counseling of Those Questioning Their Sexuality Could Be at Risk With Equality Act

If counseling bans had been law in 1989, blocking me from the therapy I was asking for, I probably would have killed myself. I would not have been satisfied with a government-mandated gay identity.

I wanted a wife and my own children, and I wanted friendships with other men without treating them as objects—both seemingly unattainable for me in the midst of my struggle.

However, despite the years of same-sex attractions andbehavior, my life did change. I experienced change in my sexual desires.

I met a woman, we fell in love, and we’ve been married since2006. She’s my only lover and best friend, and together we have four beautifulchildren. I no longer have desires typical of a gay man.

But laws banning the counseling I received to help me pursuea straight life would have prevented the rich life that I now experience withmy wife and four children.

In addition, the Equality Act—which is set to be voted onthis week in the House of Representatives—would outlaw the kind of counselingthat helped me find resolution and peace, calling it “discrimination.”

There are thousands of OnceGay people out there. When I testified in the hearings for California’s AB 2943 last year, many other OnceGay people came out of the woodwork to defend the rights of those questioning their sexual identity.

We put together a book of our testimonies for the legislators of California, and later distributed them to committee members in Massachusetts, Texas, and Congress in Washington, D.C. Now, CHANGEDmovement.com also features our testimonies.*

My testimony is that change is possible with my life asproof. I am changed today because I had access to resources that enabled me topursue the convictions of my heart.

Sexual identity is so personal and fundamental to who we arethat government should not be allowed to mandate people’s sexual identities ortheir futures. Rather, patients should have the right to clarify and pursuetheir own sexual identities and not be bound by any government ideology.

The post I Felt Gay Attraction for Years and Didn’t Want It. Counseling Helped Save My Life. appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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