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The Race To The Bottom

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Unread 04.17.12, 06:34 AM
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The Race To The Bottom

04.16.12 09:01 PM

With the revelation that poor George Zimmerman will be the target of a zealous (not to mention ambitious) Florida prosecutor, the sad saga of the Sanford shootout has cemented its position as the dominant news item of the moment. And while the public lynching of the as-yet-to-be-tried-much-less-convicted Zimmerman is noteworthy in and of itself, behind this sordid soap opera lies a much larger subtext of liberal hypocrisy and racism and its movie-monster lurch from ugly to obscene.

Although it would be unfair to implicate solely the corporate media in overcooking the Zimmerman story — after all, when the President of the United States blunders into the situation like Mr. Magoo on a three-day bender, it is news — there is no question that some in the corporate media have spun rhetorical lead from journalistic gold.

Chief among these is an outlet to which I not-so-jokingly refer as “the Democrat Channel” and you know better as MSNBC. To suggest that the talking hairstyles at NBC News’ idiot sister have stoked the Floridian fires undersells the point like suggesting three-day-old sushi is “ripe.” While nightly anchor Brian Williams and the cast of the “Today Show” try — and fail — to present themselves as journalists, the freak show candidates on NBCUniversal’s commentary outlet have managed to “Lean Forward” and fall out the window of credibility. The problem is not their overt bias; the problem is that when the supposed defenders of the public trust begin actively violating said trust on behalf of politicians, the truth suffers along with us.

As if the unfortunate business involving the phantom NBC editor who deliberately turned Zimmerman’s 911 call into a racist rant worthy of one of those “let’s lynch Clarence Thomas and his wife” psychos at Common Cause wasn’t enough, the junior varsity is so consumed by hatred that they make people like Williams look like Edward R. Murrow.

Forget about every mentally unbalanced host, every Barack Obama Administration flunky, every ivory tower elitist, every feminist harpy, every overheated eco-loon and every apologist for every tin-pot fascist from Hugo Chavez to Rahm Emanuel.

Remember instead: Al Sharpton. If there is one man who rivals Obama in tearing asunder the public discourse, it’s Sharpton. The man actually participated in a hoax that involved smearing feces on a teenaged girl. When Sharpton decided to make Trayvon Martin a pet cause, the left erupted in paroxysms of race-baiting animus. And now, he’s pushing a network that sent Pat Buchanan packing for expressing opinions considered detrimental to “the national dialogue,” to carry his racist hatefests live as both coverage and content. Worst of all, as of last week, he sports the endorsement of the President. Attorney General and alleged Operation Fast and Furious mastermind Eric Holder spoke to the Sharpton-led hate group National Action Network last week, suggesting he was “honored to be included in this annual gathering once again and bring greetings from a friend of mine, President Obama.”

MSNBC hosts were perfectly happy to demand everything short of execution for Rush Limbaugh when he got rough with Nancy Pelosi’s pawn Sandra Fluke. And now, with Sharpton leading the parade, Zimmerman is virtually a dead man walking. Interesting, considering the effort Sharpton expended trying to exonerate cop killer Troy Davis.

Obama’s ascendency has split this Nation in two (or more). Sometime soon, I’ll probably examine his role in the death of American civility more closely. But liberals are fond of demanding the government step on the throats of anyone who dares question them. I somehow doubt the same government that has allowed an unhinged cable network to tie Zimmerman to the whipping post without the benefit of a trial is likely to step in on the increasingly vile venom spewed daily on MSNBC. Therefore, it falls to us to know who is speaking and what’s being said. Sharpton and the tinfoil hat brigadiers are speaking.* And I am repulsed by everything they’re saying.

As an aside: I would be remiss if I omitted the fact that we are playing taps over the caskets of our servicemen and servicewomen to the tune of about a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine per day on average. Thank God for MSNBC. How noble of the network to distract us from maudlin reality with a good old-fashioned lynching.

–Ben Crystal

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