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Go For Green Lights When You’re On The Go

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Unread 07.04.08, 08:44 AM
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Go For Green Lights When You’re On The Go

Go For Green Lights When You’re On The Go

When night falls on your campsite this summer, why not opt for the "green" alternative in lighting the inside of your rig? In this time of skyrocketing gas prices, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a light bulb available that not only uses far less energy – and produces much less heat – than traditional incandescent bulbs, but also lasts for years. It’s called a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (or CFL), and it’s so environmentally friendly that, according to the government’s Energy Star campaign, if each U.S. household used a CFL bulb instead of an incandescent bulb in only one of its light fixtures for a year, the change would save $600 million worth of energy costs, or the amount needed to provide a year’s worth of light to three million homes. It would also reduce greenhouse–gas emissions by the equivalent of taking 800,000 cars off the road.

You may have already seen, or are currently using, this next–generation type of bulb, which is made in unusual shapes such as spirals and coils. When these bulbs first hit the market several years ago, they were considerably more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but they’ve since dropped in price. And given that each one can save $30 or more in the cost of electricity (compared with standard bulbs) during its duration of use, any additional expense at purchase is more than compensated for. CFL varieties are available for most any indoor or outdoor use and level of brightness. It’s important to note that CFLs contain a small amount of mercury, so special care should be taken if the bulb breaks or when it’s time to dispose of it. Click here for details from the Environmental Protection Agency about CFLs and their proper disposal.

If it’s hard to believe that a light bulb could last years, imagine having an address that lasts a lifetime, one at which you can receive your U.S. postal mail from wherever you are, and one that won’t change no matter how many times you move. That’s what Earth Class Mail offers you with its online postal–mail delivery and management service.

With Earth Class Mail, you can receive and read your postal mail as easily as you get a cell–phone call or an e–mail message. Earth Class Mail receives your mail at one of its 20 address locations throughout the U.S. The company then scans the front and back of each envelope and posts the scanned images to your secure online account. No matter where you are, you simply log on to the Internet and your account, see what mail you've received, have Earth Class Mail scan the contents of any mail items you want to read, and then decide whether to forward–ship, recycle, shred, or archive each item – all with a few mouse clicks.

Good Sam Club members receive free setup on any Earth Class Mail plan (a $25 value). To learn more and get your Good Sam member coupon, visit www.EarthClassMail.com/GoodSamClub

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