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Fighting hurts more than just your relationship

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Unread 07.10.19, 12:13 PM
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Fighting hurts more than just your relationship

07.09.19 09:01 PM

Exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins… these are all things we think about when we’re trying to be healthy.

However, there’s one big piece of the puzzle most of us completely overlook… our marriages.

Whether or not you’re married, and the state of your marriage, has a big impact on how healthy you are.

Studies have shown that being married decreases your risk of depression and heart disease. Marriage is also reported to lower levels of stress hormones that lead to obesity, high blood pressure and even sexual dysfunction. On the flip side, if your spouse has blood sugar problems, you’re more likely to end up with diabetes yourself.

Now, science has delivered proof of one more link in the “old ball and chain” connecting your marriage and your health.

Previous studies had already proven that marital fights result in increased levels of inflammation in your body.

Since this inflammation has been known to cause inflammatory bowel disease, scientists decided to hone in on exactly how marital spats affect the gut.

They actually videotaped married couples trying to resolve areas of conflict — things like money problems and in-laws — which, as I’m sure you can imagine, led to some serious arguments.

They discovered that the more hostile a person is in an argument with their spouse (rolling eyes or harshly criticizing), the higher the blood markers were for proteins that cause leaky gut and chronic inflammation.

And these levels were even more elevated if one of the spouses had a history of depression.

What is leaky gut and why is it something to worry about?

Leaky gut is exactly what it sounds like — it’s when the lining of your gut allows food particles, toxins and bacteria and viruses to “leak through” into your tissues and bloodstream.

And scientists say that it can set you up for long-term, chronic inflammation… something that’s been linked to everything from depression to cancer.

So, what can you do about it then? How can you protect yourself and prevent leaky gut?

#1 — Go for the laid-back approach

The first thing to remember is to try to be more laid-back during disagreements with your spouse.

In fact, the scientists found that married people who were mellower during arguments had far less inflammation and were less likely to have increases in markers for leaky gut than their more hostile partners.

#2 — Reduce inflammation

Since arguments in marriage are going to happen and it’s pretty much impossible to completely change how you react overnight, it’s vital that you take steps to reduce the levels of inflammation in your body. Krill oil is a popular go-to for inflammation reduction.

#3 — Support your gut health

And finally, you should optimize and support your gut health to avoid the complications of leaky gut.

I suggest taking:

• Ancient aloe — This is my go-to supplement for maintaining good gut health since it helps to both naturally stimulate your bowels and soften your stool.

• Inulin — Inulin is a natural prebiotic that helps support the natural production of beneficial bacteria in your colon — think of it as intestinal fertilizer. If you want good stuff to grow, you have to feed the bacteria what they need.

• Senna leaf — A natural colon-balancing herb, senna helps promote normal bowel health and healthy stool consistency.

• Black walnut hulls — This ancient remedy contains juglone, tannins and natural iodine — which work together to help eliminate harmful organisms from your digestive tract helping to support healthy digestion, regularity and improved gut health.

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