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The top 5 foods that lower blood pressure

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Unread 08.08.19, 08:51 AM
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The top 5 foods that lower blood pressure

08.06.19 09:01 PM

High blood pressure increases your risk of everything from heart attack to stroke and aneurysms to diabetes.

While we’ve all heard that limiting our consumption of certain things — like salt and caffeine — can help lower blood pressure, we hardly ever think about the opposite.

What foods can we eat that will help lower blood pressure?

Lowering your blood pressure through diet isn’t something most doctors emphasize. They’d rather write you a prescription and send you on your way. But the truth is that there are a number of foods that, if eaten regularly, help control blood pressure. Here are the top five…

#1 – Bananas

You’ve probably heard that eating a banana can help with muscle cramps, but do you know how?

It’s the potassium. Bananas are packed with it, and while potassium is good for your muscles, it’s absolutely vital to lowering your blood pressure.

Potassium balances the effect of sodium (salt) on your cells. If you get enough potassium, the salt you eat doesn’t get the chance to raise your blood pressure — but too little potassium in your diet is high blood pressure waiting to happen.

Besides bananas, other good sources of potassium are:

• Avocadoes

• Melon

• Sweet potatoes

• Mushrooms

• Tomatoes

#2 — Blueberries and strawberries

Berries — especially blueberries and strawberries — are packed with antioxidants known as anthocyanins.

Why is that important?

Research shows that people who eat higher doses of anthocyanins grab the benefit of lower blood pressure.

In fact, one study found that regular anthocyanin intake can deliver an 8 percent drop in your blood pressure with no other changes.

#3 — Oats

The power of oats to lower blood pressure lies in a compound called beta-glucan.

Eating beta-glucan can help to lower both your systolic (top number of your blood pressure) and diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure.

#4 — Yogurt

Yogurt is good for more than just your digestion.

In fact, research at the Boston University School of Medicine found that eating at least five servings of yogurt each week could decrease your blood pressure by up to 20 percent.

#5 — Watermelon

It turns out that the summer fruit we all love is more than just a tasty treat… it’s medicinal!

Watermelon contains a compound known as citrulline which increases the production of nitric oxide in your blood vessels, allowing them to relax and let blood flow freely.

Scientific studies show that eating watermelon can help reduce your blood pressure, decrease the amount of plaque in your arteries and lower your bad cholesterol.

Another way to grab those blood pressure lowering benefits (when watermelon is out of season) is with Peak BP Platinum.

It contains MegaNaturalฎ-BP Grape Seed Extract which delivers heart-healthy polyphenols to boost the nitric oxide in the lining of your blood vessels.

And for added blood pressure protection, Peak BP Platinum also provides:

• Vitamin K2 — The most important vitamin when it comes to your arterial health, vitamin K2, promotes healthy blood flow and blood pressure by helping to keep your arteries elastic. It also helps direct calcium to your organs instead of collecting in your arteries.

• Pterostilbene — A powerful antioxidant, pterostilbene helps block the creation of angiotensin II — an enzyme that stiffens the walls of your blood vessels and triggers a hormone that increases the amounts of sodium and water retained by your body.

• Green tea extract — It contains catechins that have been proven to reduce oxidative stress and soothe inflammation.

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