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The best supplements to increase male sex drive

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Unread 07.24.19, 02:54 PM
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The best supplements to increase male sex drive

07.23.19 09:01 PM

As you get older, it sometimes seems like all the fun you used to have in the bedroom is replaced by more sleep and lots of TV time.

Despite the fact that 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction, there are things that can help a man maintain a strong sex drive — including healthy erections.

There are five supplements that can make the difference between bedroom fun and bedroom boredom and boost in a man’s sex drive.

#1 – Dimethylglycine (or DMG)

Most important for: Energy, virility and erectile function

Dimethylgylcine, or DMG, is still an almost unknown supplement in the nutritional world — a surprising fact since it’s involved in at least 41 different processes in your body and is needed by every single cell. It’s also an essential building block for your hormones, neurotransmitters and even your DNA.

And to top it off, DMG is the best thing you can do for your body in order to support healthy oxygen levels in your body — something that’s absolutely essential when it comes to getting and keeping erections — with lack of oxygen considered a fundamental cause of erectile dysfunction.

The recommended dose is 250 mg per day.

#2 – Nitrosigine®

Most important for: Erectile function and blood vessel health

Nitrosigine is a patented complex of L-arginine and the trace mineral silicon that works hand-in-hand to support healthy blood vessels and circulation. Not only does it help keep your blood vessels flexible and soft, it increases the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in your vessels. This allows them to widen so that more blood will flow through — a vital part of the erection process.

To get all of the benefits Nitrosigine offers, take 500 mg each day.

#3 – Di-Indole Methane (DIM)

Most important for: Sex drive and hormone balance

If you’ve never heard of Di-Indole Methane, or DIM, you’re not alone. Like DMG, it’s not as common as many other supplements on the shelves out there — but it’s extremely powerful. That’s because DIM actually latches on to “fake estrogens” in your body (from man-made chemicals found in the air, water, food, your home and even your car, called xenoestrogens) and sweeps them out of your body.

For men, this keeps their hormones in balance and keeps them from slipping into estrogen dominance in order to support a strong healthy sex drive.

To get the best results from DIM, men should take 100 mg one time per day.

You can find all three (DMG, Nitrosigine and DIM) in Peak Maximum Endurance, making it easy for your husband to restore his flagging sex drive and support healthy erectile function using a single supplement.

#4 – Yohimbine

Most important for: Erectile function

Yohimbine is a supplement made from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. It’s recently become more and more popular in men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

That’s because it helps to dilate blood vessels and may even help to lower your blood pressure, two things that help with erections — according to a meta-analysis of scientific studies.

If you’re wondering about dosage, most studies suggest 18 mg of yohimbine per day. Be aware that you can have side effects like headaches and anxiety, especially at higher doses.

#5 – Ginseng

Most important for: Performance and sex drive

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese remedy for increasing sexual performance and treating erectile dysfunction that’s moved into the modern age.

And it’s one worth looking at to rev a flagging sex drive since studies have proven its power to boost libido, increase sexual performance and satisfaction and improve erections.

The usual dose is 900–1,000 mg three times per day.

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