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Sometimes Low–tech Is The Best Tech

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Unread 10.03.06, 10:58 PM
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Sometimes Low–tech Is The Best Tech

Sometimes Low–tech Is The Best Tech

Decidedly less "hi–tech" than either wireless (wi–fi) or air cards, a cellular modem may fill your needs – at less cost.

This product is basically a "kit" of components (the modem itself, cables and software or just cables and software) that physically attaches your wireless telephone to a port on your PC, typically via a serial port or PCM–CIA slot. Think of it as a dial–up connection using your cell service rather than a land–line. There are many variations of these products depending upon your carrier, the type of handset that you have and more. This is a case where fitting the proper product to the handset and service type is a must. A visit to your service provider's website or store will get you moving in the right direction.

Unlike air cards that require a separate service plan, this type of connectivity typically just uses the minutes in your normal monthly service plan. If you have a plan that allows you to identify several numbers that don't count in your minutes ("friends and family" or a similar program), then a wise move is to make your ISP one of those numbers – Voila! No minutes used.

Once you have made the physical connection between the wireless telephone and the PC, then you are ready to surf the net, albeit at a much lower speed than some of the newer technologies. But if all you are doing is sending and receiving text email and occasionally consulting a few web pages, then this service can work great at a lower cost and it will normally work anywhere that you have coverage. Again, you will find exceptions to this rule as various carriers make everything completely compatible.

Before you make a purchase of this type of technology, think carefully about your present and future needs, as newer forms of communicating are rapidly making these products obsolete. New purchases may be better placed in newer technology.
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