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Ted Cruz: Libertarians Should Be ‘Dismayed’ By Obama’s Selective Enforcement Of Drug

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Unread 02.03.14, 11:55 PM
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Ted Cruz: Libertarians Should Be ‘Dismayed’ By Obama’s Selective Enforcement Of Drug

02.03.14 03:38 PM

President Obama is cementing his legacy, in part, by infamously declining to enforce portions of the law while doubling down on other portions he’s passionate about. The best-reported example is, of course, his à-la-carte menu-picking of Obamacare’s many timed mandates, but there are others.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sat down with Reason TV last week in Houston to discuss his concern over Obama’s cavalier attitude toward his Constitutional role, noting in particular that even libertarians who believe an end to the “drug war” is long overdue have plenty of reason to be troubled by the way in which the Obama Administration is effecting the President’s vision of achieving that goal.

“The Obama Administration’s approach to drug policy is to simply announce that across the country, it is going to stop enforcing certain drug laws,” Cruz said.

“Now, that may or may not be a good policy, but I would suggest that should concern anyone – it should even concern libertarians who support that policy outcome – because the idea that the President simply says ‘criminal laws that are on the books; we’re going to ignore [them]’ – that is a very dangerous precedent.”

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