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Personal Liberty

Drone Pilots Canít Always See Targets; Tea Party Is Here To Stay; Government Policies

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Unread 12.31.13, 01:56 AM
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Drone Pilots Canít Always See Targets; Tea Party Is Here To Stay; Government Policies

12.30.13 03:30 PM

Brush up on the dayís headlines with Personal Libertyís P.M. Edition news links.

Former Air Force Analyst: Drone Pilots Canít Tell The Difference Between A Shovel And A Weapon

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when youíre piloting a lethal drone, everyone looks like a dangerous militant. That is, according to a former employee of the U.S. drone program. Read MoreÖ

Grudging Harvard Prof: Tea Party Is Here To Stay

Despite all the mainstream media punditry thatís ready to shovel dirt over the casket of grass-roots conservatism and truly liberal (as opposed to radical progressive) thought, at least one Harvard professor thinks the Tea Party isnít going away anytime soon. Progressives FretÖ*

Ron Paul Straight Talk: Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers

Raising minimum wages by government decree appeals to those who do not understand economics. This appeal is especially strong during times of stagnant wages and increased economic inequality. But raising the minimum wage actually harms those at the bottom of the income ladder. Ron Paul ExplainsÖ

Poll: 49 Percent Oppose Further U.S. Aid To Egypt

Nearly half of U.S. voters say theyíre opposed to more financial aid for longtime U.S. ally Egypt, a Rasmussen poll released Monday indicates. Read MoreÖ

Support For War In Afghanistan Dips Below 20 Percent

Support for the war in Afghanistan is less than 20 percent, making the longest U.S. military conflict the least popular. Read MoreÖ

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