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Donít Let The Flu Invade Your Family

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Unread 12.31.13, 01:56 AM
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Donít Let The Flu Invade Your Family

12.30.13 10:01 PM

Flu season is in full swing, so here are several tips to help prevent the flu from infecting your family. Clearly, the stronger your immune defenses are the less likely you are to contract the flu. And you can easily boost your immunity through your diet.

The key to prevention is consuming whole, nutrient-rich foods, mostly from raw, living sources. When you eat more than 50 percent raw foods, you can stop the inflammation triggered by processed, refined or even cooked or baked foods.

Plus, you should adhere to these suggestions either during the flu season or as soon as flu symptoms start:
  • Avoid refined sugar because it suppresses your immune system.
  • Get more than enough rest, which allows your energy and immune system to focus on your physical symptoms.
  • Maintain peace and optimism, since your thoughts can affect your physical health.
  • Wash your hands often, because viruses can spread from touching contaminated objects like doorknobs, phones and computer keyboards. They also spread when you shake hands, cough or sneeze.
  • Contain your coughs and sneezes by directing them toward your shoulder or upper arm or into a tissue. Viral particles can float in the air for several minutes.
  • Stay hydrated with fluids. Powerful tonics that can help fight viral infections are herbal teas containing cats claw, ginseng and ginger root; and chamomile tea can help calm your nausea.
  • High doses of vitamin C inhibit viral activity and boost your immune system.
  • Allicin-containing garlic supplements have been scientifically proven to help reduce common colds by 63 percent and can be taken throughout the flu season.
  • Echinacea provides effective help in treating influenza-like symptoms.
  • DHEA is a hormone that has been proven to boost your immune response and effectively fight some viral infections.
  • Melatonin offers beneficial protection from viruses.
  • Lactoferrin is an immune booster that inhibits viral attachment to cells.
Finally, the most effective flu fighter is vitamin D.

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