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Bypass the ‘Christmas Coronary’

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Unread 12.17.18, 04:08 PM
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Bypass the ‘Christmas Coronary’

12.16.18 10:01 PM

Yes, the “Merry Christmas Coronary” and “Happy New Year Heart Attack” are real phenomena. The risk for all causes of death rise during the holiday season as people get more stressed and run down, overindulge, and delay seeking care for symptoms. To help you keep your heart healthy and have a very blessed Christmas and happy New Year, here’s an important fact you need to know:

Calcium plaque buildup in the arteries used to be age related, but not anymore. That means it’s not age, but diet and toxic metal accumulation that are gradually turning arteries to stone.

Autopsies of young men killed in Vietnam showed even these young men had significant plaque buildup beginning in their arteries. This vascular health crisis has led to heart disease and/or artery disease becoming the chief cause of death and disability in the United States.

One mainstream solution is open-heart bypass surgery. Another is to ream out the diseased artery and insert a stent to restore blood flow.

These are medical crimes of the highest degree. Many people die on the operating table or a few days after open heart surgery. There are very high risks and only imagined rewards.

It begins with the cardiologist, who draws you a picture or shows you pictures illustrating the seriousness of your condition and the absolute urgency to go right into bypass surgery that day. They create some high percentage of your coronary artery blockage such as, “you are totally blocked in your main artery and 90 percent blocked in four more arteries.”

These doctors only know heart drugs and heart surgery, so of course this is what they recommend.

You need information

You have to take their word for it and you can’t or won’t try to prove them wrong because they are your only source of information. Almost anything you could research on the web or in books will agree with this mainstream opinion. You are at the mercy of the heart “health” industry. Insurance and Medicare colludes with the medical system to crowd out alternatives that really work. A perfect crime.

But there are important pieces of information many doctors omit. They do not tell you that arteriosclerosis is a whole body disease, not just the coronary arteries. At best, they will bypass only a few inches of plaqued arteries. But what about the other 99 percent of your cardiovascular system plagued by arteriosclerosis?

Neither bypass nor a stent removes heart disease. These are invasive and serious procedures that at best affect a very small part of the heart arteries. They simply plow a hole through the disease. This is no different from drilling through a clogged drain and leaving the clog there to rust and burst your pipes.

However, heart disease is reversible over time with a process called chelation.

Chelation (pronounced kee-lay-shun) is not invasive. It’s safe and it affects our entire vascular system, including our brain and the microarteries in our ears and eyes. It’s for total health and it’s natural!

We put our faith in EDTA (the shortened version of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), a universally proven chelator since it was discovered in the 1930s. It is called a chelator because it pulls, claws and dissolves plaque in the arteries which is flushed out of the body through the kidneys.

When so many medical organizations — including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) — come together to both criticize and denounce the use of EDTA chelation therapy (oh, except for its widespread use in emergency rooms for it’s incredible power to expel toxic metals from the body) then you know you have found something worthwhile.

A former heart surgeon, who was the head of a state university cardiology department and who performed hundreds of bypass operations, once told me it would close half the hospitals in the country if they gave all heart patients a course of EDTA treatment.

Since heart disease is the No. 1 American killer, and bypass surgery and stent surgery rank right up at the top in number of operations performed for any one disease at the modern heart surgery centers they call “hospitals,” is it any wonder they denounce it? It’s follow the money!

Bypass the bypass with easy prevention

What Americans need to know is how to bypass having bypass surgery. What can we do to clean out our arteries before and after a heart attack?

Since the main symptom of a heart attack is death, we need to focus on prevention. The solution is oral chelation. It may reverse the effects of arthritis, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, glaucoma, mental toxicity, heart attack, senility and even gangrene.

Oral chelation formulas have been developed that purge the arteries of plaque buildup. This strengthens the heart and helps relieve the disease of senile arteriosclerosis.

Standard doctors almost never mention the proven miracle of IV and oral EDTA chelation that scrubs out all the arteries in the heart, the lungs, the brain and the whole body.

EDTA therapy was created by the Germans in the early 1930s to remove heavy metals. It is approved by the FDA to remove heavy metals. It is not approved to remove calcium plaque from the arteries. The FDA will never approve EDTA chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease simply because they will not jeopardize the heart surgery industry, a multi-billion dollar medical monopoly.

Yet the AMA, FDA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) all publicly state that EDTA therapy is “the treatment of choice to remove toxic metals from the body. Toxic metal accumulation is directly related to heart disease.” Just the benefit of lead removal is of tremendous benefit to the heart, the kidneys and the nervous system. Heavy metal toxicity is a big factor in causing immune system compromise.

If someone says to you that there are no studies on chelation therapy, your response should be that blinded studies were never required by the FDA to determine the effectiveness of bypass surgery, angioplasty or stents.

The focus of EDTA chelation therapy is on helping vascular conditions related to restricted blood flow due to atherosclerotic plaque. But there are many other benefits traceable to treatment with EDTA chelation:

  • Reduction of liver-produced cholesterol
  • Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics
  • Reduced high blood pressure
  • Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias
  • Relief from leg muscle cramps
  • Reduction in allergic symptoms
  • Normalized weight
  • Improved psychological and emotional status
  • Enhanced sensory input — better sight, hearing and taste
  • Cold extremities warmed
This may be the time in your life to get serious information about chelation therapy. If you’ve been suffering from fatigue, chronic unexplained illness, or if you are worried about your heart and artery health whatsoever, look to chelation with EDTA. And I consider*this book the quintessential guide on EDTA chelation. I highly recommend it and believe it will help open your eyes to benefits you can’t afford to ignore.

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