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The WIRE — your week in review

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Unread 12.22.18, 05:41 AM
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The WIRE — your week in review

12.21.18 12:00 PM

From Mattis quitting to Kaepernick still sitting — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE!

Not a great holiday week for President Donald Trump. He waffled on the border wall, he fumbled on Syria, North Korea backed out of the nuclear deal, and now Defense Secretary James Mattis is stepping down, citing views which are not “aligned with (Trump’s) on these and other issues.” Merry Christmas, Mr. President.

Odds that Trump should learn from this: 100 percent. Odds that he will: 0 percent.

Democrats, who were no fans of Mattis until Thursday afternoon, were suddenly aghast at the departure of the “last adult” in the presidential administration.

We went eight years without one anywhere near the White House. We’ll probably survive.

Liberals also hammered Trump for his decision to pull troops out of Syria, calling the move a gift to Iran’s terrorist-sponsor government.

As gifts go, it’s no secret airlift of billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars, but it’s something.

Some people are through waiting for Trump’s wall. They began a GoFundMe project to raise private funding for the multi-billion-dollar border barrier. As of Friday morning, the total had eclipsed $11 million. People are actively trying to return their tax cut to cover the cost of a wall Trump said Mexico would pay for.

At least Mexico gets to hang on to the billions we just gave them.

The House managed to pass a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown which included $5 billion funding for the border wall. The move is almost certain to fail in the Senate, meaning it’s back to square one, kids! What do we pay these people for? Come to think of it: 535 people, making an average of $174,000 per year, comes out to about $100 million per year. Add the associated costs…

Maybe we can afford that wall, after all.

Liberals were quick to blame President Donald Trump and U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the death of seven-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquín following a 2,000-mile trek from Guatemala. Except, it wasn’t Trump and CBP who dragged her on a hazardous journey with no better plan than “The Democrats promised.”

Sorry libs, but Trump and CBP are less to blame for her death than you are.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) got his two pesos worth into the immigration debate, launching a bizarre tirade at Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen that included a condemnation of saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays,” and an accusation that Trump would kill the baby Jesus, and was punctuated by storming out in a huff. Poor Lou; it’s never fun when the meds wear off in the middle of the day.

I’m sorry to interrupt, Madame Secretary, but do you have any Haloperidol? Asking for the voices in my head.

The DNC announced this week that they’ll be staging 12 (!) debates in the run-up to their 2020 presidential nomination. Oh my god, can you imagine 12+ hours of these stooges trying to out-liberal each other? By the time they’re through, Trump will seem like George Washington.

Make it an even 20 and get me on Mount Rushmore.

Trump moved to ban so-called “bump stocks” from private ownership this week, issuing a fiat through the
Justice Department giving owners until late March to surrender or destroy them. Anyone else bothered by the fact that Trump has moved farther left than Obama on guns?

Watch this Barry; I’ll confiscate more than you ever dreamed of.

While Trump was moving against the 2nd Amendment, a federal judge ruled that New York State’s ban on nunchaku violates the same rules. U.S. District Judge Pamela Chen called the martial arts weapon a “bearable arm,” and said that they’re in “common use.” If they are, then AR-15s and “bump stocks” are downright ordinary.

If the nanny-staters are right, look for an explosion in ninja-on-ninja violence.

A The New York Times report on Planned Parenthood’s practices is raising questions about apparent institutional mistreatment of pregnant employees at the federally-funded abortion mills. While many are appalled at the charges, which include refusing them maternity leave, overtime pay and even lunch breaks, I’m wondering why a pregnant woman would go anywhere near a Planned Parenthood outlet.

Why does everyone start drooling when I walk in the office?

Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, is back in court after yet another liberal complaint against him. This time, they’re after him for refusing to bake a cake for a “transgendered” attorney to celebrate their “transition.”

Either this guy is the only baker in Colorado, or the tolerance mob is straight up trolling him at this point.

Everyone’s favorite new communist has a case of the sads. Rep-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is angry that Politico published a story with “*0* named sources to back claims containing false information.” Unsourced gossip and outright B.S. masquerading as journalism got ya down, Chiquita Khrushchev?

Welcome to the Republican Party.

But AOC will be all right, kids. She announced she’ll be taking a break for “self-care,” citing the need to prepare herself for a “stressful” and “eventful term.” Hasn’t started the job yet, already taking a vacation.

If she thinks it’s tough now, wait until she has to sit through one of Pelosi’s lectures.

Angela Ponce of Spain took the stage last week as the first transgender contestant in 66-year history of the Miss Universe pageant. Social justice warriors hailed Ponce’s entry as a bold step forward for transgender inclusion. They didn’t explain how replacing women with mutilated men constitutes inclusion.

“Girl” power!

And Amy Schumer has joined the Hollywood celebs boycotting the upcoming Super Bowl. The fading comedienne and others apparently believe refusing to allow her likeness in big game advertising will get Colin Kaepernick signed. No Amy Schumer or preachy lib celebs for the duration of the Super Bowl? Sounds like everyone should declare victory.

Except for Kaepernick. He’ll be watching on TV, like the rest of us.

And that’s your week in review! For the Personal Liberty Digest®, I’m Ben Crystal saying, “See you next week, on The WIRE!”

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