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Hillary’s ‘bathroom’ servers probably helped her skirt national security protocols

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Unread 08.19.15, 04:43 AM
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Hillary’s ‘bathroom’ servers probably helped her skirt national security protocols

08.18.15 11:54 AM

We’ve all seen the stories about how the little people can’t get away with what Hillary Clinton’s gotten away with. Just check out the story of former Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler.

But every day seems to bring new information in the emerging scandal over Clinton’s off-the-grid private email server (or servers) during her time as secretary of state. We now know, as the New York Post neatly summarizes, that “Hillary Clinton’s email servers were maintained by a mom-and-pop outfit — run out of an old bathroom closet in a downtown Denver loft.”

While former employees of the “mom-and-pop outfit” — a small company called Platte River Networks — said they enjoyed working there, they also said there was no way in heck the company was capable of ensuring and maintaining top secret levels of data security. One employee even worked for Platte River Networks while Hillary was secretary of state.

Britain’s Daily Mail, which first revealed the story, interviewed a woman named Tera Dadiotis, who worked for the company from 2007 to 2010:
Describing it as “a great place to work, but kind of like a mom and pop shop,” Tera reacted with disbelief that her former company was hired to manage the email system of Democratic juggernaut Hilary Clinton.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online at her home in Castle Rock, Colorado, Tera said: “I think it’s really bizarre, I don’t know how that relationship evolved.

“At the time I worked for them they wouldn’t have been equipped to work for Hilary Clinton because I don’t think they had the resources, they were based out of a loft, so [it was] not very high security, we didn’t even have an alarm.”

Reflecting on the report, one federal employee who asked not to be identified shared a little bit of info with the Instapundit blog. If what this alleged employee wrote is true, it’s evident that there is no way Hillary was faithfully observing national security protocols in her email usage, because it would have been impossible, with her server configuration, for her to do so — even if she had wanted to.

On top of that, any offloading of data onto an external disc or thumb drive would have necessarily been logged automatically by the security network — if, that is, Hillary’s servers were connected to the network in the first place … which they weren’t.

From Wednesday’s Instapundit:
I am a federal employee and I would appreciate you not referring to me by name.

The appearance of TS/SCI [Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented] information in Hillary Clinton’s unclassified email led me to immediately ask, “who down-domained the information?”

Classified material with SCI caveats only resides on JWICS [the joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, a dedicated U.S. Department of Defense/Intelligence Community network used only to transmit top-secret and classified intelligence]. That is an air-gapped computer network. While there are systems that allow users to send file from lower domains to higher ones, there is no such system to take information and send it to a lower domain.

If I have unclassified information on a classified system, I have to burn the data to a CD and carry it (“sneaker-net”) to an unclassified computer. Of course, this was after a second party reviewed the data and it was electronically scanned for hidden data. This is all logged on paper. The network also logs every time something is burned to CD.

Who burned the classified data found on Clinton’s email and used sneaker-net to email it to her? If I was investigating this, that is the person that I would like to ask some questions.

The answers would be fascinating.

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