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Unread 09.04.14, 03:23 AM
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09.03.14 09:01 PM

I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following is an excerpt from the September 1997 issue in which I warned of the looming invasion of Americans’ privacy by the state, the growing surveillance state and the fact that bank deposits are subject to government confiscation, as proven just last year in Cyprus and in subsequent revelations about the globalist banksters’ plans for “bail-ins.”

Government strategy is to invade our privacy and freedom under the pretext of protecting us from terrorism, drug traffickers and all kinds of booger bears. Therefore, as soon as government justifies its powers with legislation, it sends out agents provocateur to make it all appear that anything they do justifies their means.

Dropping all pretense, the truth is that the government is at war with you. The criminal element is the excuse. Besides, the government and the criminal element are one. Otherwise, why would they protect criminals?

The corporate state has propaganda power (control of all major media), police power, money creation monopoly, and legislative power to justify it. Do you know of a better definition of organized crime?

The topic of a recent war college strategy report was on accessing the computer accounts and bank accounts of “private” banks and businesses. Some think this strategy is possible through the Inslaw software that was stolen by the U.S. Department of Justice from a private company. The software is allegedly advertised as a means for law enforcement officials of different countries to track worldwide criminal activity, money laundering, etc. The U.N. Global Police supposedly use the Inslaw software. An article in Media Bypassmagazine postulates that the CIA gained access to the offshore accounts of many “dirty politicians” and robbed their accounts (including that of Vince Foster’s in Switzerland, which enjoyed huge deposits shortly before his “suicide”). It is possible that the Inslaw software was used, or other such methods as partially described by the U.S. Army War College Strategy Report. The purpose? To get “dirty politicians” (imagine this) out of Congress. (More like blackmail.) Note that there was a huge rash of resignations in 1995-1996, including one or two who had just previously “announced” candidacy for re-election.

The following quote is from an Army War College Strategy Report:
At least one analyst has suggested using “soft kill” weapons, such as high energy radio frequency (HERF) guns and electromagnetic pulse transformer (EMP/T) bombs to interdict narcotrafficking flights by damaging or destroying their avionics. Like combatting terrorism, counter-narcotrafficking operations are primarily a law enforcement function, with the military providing support. Because narcotraffickers operate like terrorists, much counter-terrorism technology can be used against them. In fact, narcotraffickers are even more likely than terrorists to rely on radios, cellular telephones, fax machines, and computers. This greatly increases their vulnerability to electronic intelligence gathering and disruption. For example, remote intrusive monitoring of the financial computer networks of offshore banks could identify the deposits associated with money laundering. If desired, such accounts could be electronically emptied.

The conclusion is that government spying is high tech. I can’t imagine anyone putting foreign bank accounts in their own name with a paper trail leading back to the U.S.

Anyway, my friends, your bank account no longer implies money on deposit, but only computer symbols that can be erased.

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