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No Problem: Watch California College Students Sign A Petition To Imprison, Kill All G

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Unread 02.03.14, 10:55 PM
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No Problem: Watch California College Students Sign A Petition To Imprison, Kill All G

02.03.14 10:01 PM

What would you do if someone asked you to sign a petition calling for the imprisonment and execution of all American gun owners? For some California college students the answer is a simple, “No problem.”

Media agitator Mark Dice*occasionally punks the unsuspecting public by staging comedic sociological experiments in which he facetiously persuades random strangers to support the revocation of an ironbound American freedom. He’s videotaped a number of his encounters with low-information Americans, wherein he solicits their help in calling for a repeal of the 1st Amendment and other civil liberties that should be familiar to most 8th grade civics students.

In Dice’s most recent effort to expose the dumbest among us, the political activist asked a number of San Diego residents to repeal the 2nd Amendment and to imprison, and even kill, registered gun owners.

“We just want to make sure we disarm the citizens. We can trust the government to be the only ones with guns.” Dice said to students who signed the petition to “repeal the 2nd Amendment” without question.

“These peasants don’t need guns,” Dice said. “We want to put all registered gun owners in prison.”

One student to replied, “Yes, it’s too dangerous.”

“It’s just a simple repeal of the Second Amendment and we’ll be terminating and executing all of the gun owners.” Dice said to another student. another

The student signed the petition and replied, “OK, thank you.”

Watch the unbelievable video:

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