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Scary Gunz R Scary!

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Unread 02.03.14, 10:55 PM
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Scary Gunz R Scary!

02.03.14 10:01 PM

Witness the sad decline of ABC News’ aging newsmagazine 20/20. While it never achieved the notability of 60 Minutes, it likewise never dove headfirst into the deep end of the crazed activism of its neighbors like Dateline NBC. But then last week, 20/20 served up “Young Guns.”

“Young Guns” included the usual worn-out pseudo-facts which turn up in every anti-Bill of Rights phlegm the left coughs up. Co-host Diane Sawyer put on her very best Emmy™-nominee voice to claim “7,391 children rushed to the hospital every year with those gun injuries.” Many of those “children” are 18-20 years of age; and nearly 4,600 of them are the victims of violent and gang-affiliated crime in “gun-free” paradises like Chicago and Washington, D.C. And the appearance of a hackneyed phrase like “gun injuries” betrays the already obvious intent of “Young Guns.” Much like “gun murders,” “gun crime” or the ubiquitous “gun violence,” “gun injuries” is literally designed solely to add a sinister tone to firearms; as if being shot represents a crueler fate than being thrown off a cliff, or bored to death by an endless loop of Attorney General Eric Holder trying to explain the Constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s rule-by-fiat.

“Young Guns” does make a passing mention of the NRA’s “Eddie the Eagle” gun safety program; although merely to dismiss its efficacy. In fact, the so-called experiments designed to expose Eddie’s limitations were as academically worthless as Al Gore teaching the Common Core syllabus. ABC producers left firearms in classrooms; where they stand out like Michael Moore at the salad bar. They even hid them among toys and candy.

In order to demonstrate the dangers of leaving firearms in weird places to which kids have access, ABC hid guns in some weird places to which kids had access; and HOLY CRAP! The kids noticed the guns! See! Proof! Guns ARE like, SUPER-BAD, OMG!” At least the NRA attempts to educate children about gun safety; a far sight better than ABC’ ignorant fear mongering. Ultimately, “Young Guns” sets out to prove “guns + kids = bad” (or whatever); but ends up proving unsupervised liberals + kids = potential disaster.

But 20/20’s self-debasement pales in comparison to the low-rent sideshow antics of State Senator Kevin DeLeon (D-Calif.). During a press conference to introduce Senate Bill 808, DeLeon held up a firearm and whined “This..’ghost gun’ has the ability with a .30 caliber clip to disperse, um, 30 bullets within half a second. 30 magazine clips in half a second.” If DeLeon thinks the “Ghost gun” is bad, wait until he gets a load of the “Phantasmo-Gun” with the optional IR-double-unicorn-magnetoscopic-sight-O-matic in Eleventy-four caliber with a the 17 Gajigaquillion clip-zine!

Time after time, the left attempts to subvert a God-given right deemed so important by the Framers that they listed it secondonly to the right to free expression. Time after time, their shocking ignorance shoots their own logic to pieces. Time after time, not only do their efforts rebound off the bulwarks of truth and liberty, their supposed gun-free utopias report murder and violent crime statistics comparable to one of those third world cities where they burn American flags while wearing Chicago Bulls jerseys.

“Young guns” might as well have been entitled “Scary Gunz R Scary.” ABC News might as well be retitled “TV time at Kevin DeLeon’s office.” And Diane Sawyer might as well retire.

-Ben Crystal

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