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Obama Changes The Subject When Confronted By Victim Of Obamacare Job Loss; Labeling J

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Unread 02.05.14, 04:50 AM
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Obama Changes The Subject When Confronted By Victim Of Obamacare Job Loss; Labeling J

02.04.14 04:34 PM

Brush up on the day’s headlines with Personal Liberty’s P.M. Edition news links.

Watch: Blue Collar Worker Confronts Obama Over Direct Harm Obamacare Did To His Job Status; Obama Changes The Subject

When you’re the President, equivocation in an unscripted setting can spell disaster. But when you’re President Obama, you can at least count on your most naked and humiliating public moments to go underreported. Watch…*

Lawmaker Tries To Label Journalist As Thief In Order To Quiet NSA Reporting

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who published the initial reports on the National Security Agency’s spy tactics, was accused by a top lawmaker on Tuesday of personally profiting from selling the information provided by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Read More…*

Ted Nugent Laments GOP’s ‘Rusty Shiv’ Castration

Many conservatives have been thinking it, but leave it to rocker-turned-pundit Ted Nugent to say it: The Republican Party needs to grow a pair. Here’s What He Said…*

No Conspiracy Here: Sitting Supreme Court Justice Thinks U.S. Government Would Intern Americans Again

If you’re among those Americans who believe the government hasn’t evolved past the days when it resorted to rounding up entire categories of people and holding them captive for the sake of political expediency, you’re in good company. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia agrees. Read More…*

Mises Scholar Rates Bernanke’s Legacy: A Weak And Mediocre Economy

According to the Fed worshipers, things might not be good, but without the unprecedented actions and bailouts things would have been catastrophic.Others Disagree…*

Senate Gives Final Approval To Farm Bill

The Senate gave final approval to the farm bill Tuesday, following House approval last week. Read More…*

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