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Gut health: Protecting your second brain

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Unread 02.20.19, 12:04 AM
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Gut health: Protecting your second brain

02.19.19 10:01 PM

Everyone knows about the brain in your head, but did you know about the one in your gut?

There is a matrix of millions of neurons that can control intestinal muscle movements without any help from your central nervous system living in your colon.

It’s called the enteric nervous system, and because it can function without instructions from the brain or spine, some scientists like to call it your second brain.

An Australian research team first discovered the brain in mice and now believe it exists in all mammals, humans included.

Some scientists believe that this second brain evolved first — even before the brain housed between your ears. But we seem to put much more emphasis on keeping the one above the belt healthy. We’re always looking for ways to keep it sharp and to stave off the things that really scare us, like dementia.

But what about your second brain? You probably give it very little thought unless you have a bout of constipation. But if the brains of mammals evolved first to move poop, then later*to take care of more complex business, it must be crucial. Here are five steps to keep that process going smoothy.

Step #1 — Hydrate

To keep fecal matter moving, you have to stay hydrated. Drink at minimum between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh per day. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you need to drink 80 to 160 ounces of water each day.

Step #2 — Exercise

Moving more helps stimulate your intestines to contract and move that poop along. Set a regular exercise schedule to keep your gut active.

Step #3 — Add fiber

Aim for at least 40 grams of fiber each and every day. This can be both soluble and insoluble fiber. It will help to bulk up your fecal matter and keep it moving smoothly through your intestines.
Good fibers to add to your diet include berries, oatmeal, lentils and green veggies.

Step #4 — Kick the bad stuff

Certain foods can slow down your colon and leave you at higher risk of constipation. These include:

• Processed foods
• Foods high in sugar
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Dairy

Step #5 — Supplement

Support the health of your gut brain with colon-friendly supplements.

The most important bowel optimizing supplements to take are:

Aloe — Ancient aloe helps to stimulate your bowel and soften your stool so that you’re not straining to go.

Black walnut hulls — This contains juglone, tannins and natural iodine which work together to help eliminate harmful organisms from your digestive tract helping to keep it healthy and improve your digestion and regularity.

Cascara sagrada — Native Americans used this plant to promote bowel contractions for normal, healthy bowel movements.

Inulin — A natural prebiotic found in chicory root, inulin helps support the natural production of beneficial bacteria in your colon and basically works as an intestinal fertilizer to keep your gut flora healthy.

Potassium — And don’t forget the potassium. This critical mineral helps keep your stool hydrated so that it shoots through your intestines in a healthy time instead of becoming dry and stuck.

I recommend taking one to two capsules of Peak Colon Support daily since it contains all five of these vital colon support supplements.



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