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Sunday news show roundup

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Unread 09.21.14, 10:55 PM
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Sunday news show roundup

09.21.14 09:01 PM

It was all ISIS, all the time on the TV news junket Sunday, with U.N. ambassador Susan Power making not one but two visits to network news sets to advance the Obama Administration’s insistence that U.S. air strikes against ISIS terrorists will be augmented by a yet-to-be-disclosed coalition featuring contributions from other nations.

Power never uttered the phrase “coalition of the willing,” but she did tell ABC’s “This Week” that other countries are on board to lend their relative might to the air campaign.

“I will make you a prediction — which is that we will not do the airstrikes alone, if the president decides to do the airstrikes,” said Power.

She never said which countries have agreed to support the U.S.-led containment effort against ISIS, but repeated her “coalition” comments on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” telling Bob Scheiffer that the U.S. would “leave it to other nations to announce for themselves what their specific commitments to the coalition are going to be.”

And so continues the Obama administration’s politics-first; outcomes-second initiative to counter ISIS.

Not that there isn’t plenty of political will from Congressmen for such an approach. Congress’ cop-out final week in Washington, D.C. got virtually no coverage Sunday, upstaged instead by guest spots from hawks like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to sell the emotional side of the terrorists’ human rights abuses.

“I have a picture of what I estimate to be a 6 year-old girl in a gingham party dress: white tights; a little red band around her wrist; Mary Janes — and she’s lying on the ground and her head is gone,” Feinstein told Schieffer.

“This is the mentality of the group that we are so concerned with. They have killed thousands, they are marching on, they have an army, they are well organized.”

Former British prime minister Tony Blair indicated his country is in sync with the Obama Administration’s decision to take the fight to ISIS, but suggested a real defeat would require more than just air strikes. Instead, said Blair, it would require actual fighting from western troops.

“[T]his [ISIS] problem isn’t going away,” Blair said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“I think you’ll find that the policy undergoes a process of evolution, where people realize in different situations you’re having different strategies, and there may be situations in which we are prepared to use combat force. …[T]here will undoubtedly be, over time, a need to hit ISIS not simply through an aerial campaign, but also on the ground.”

Nevertheless, Blair went on to assert that western forces’ eventual defeat of ISIS should not be followed by a western occupation of Iraqi and Syrian territory left in the ensuing power vacuum.

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