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Brett Kavanaugh and the worst week ever

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Unread 10.03.18, 07:53 AM
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Brett Kavanaugh and the worst week ever

10.01.18 09:01 PM

Last week was not the worst week in American political history. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty much a nonstop monkey poo fight at the zoo, but at least nobody assassinated anybody. Yet. However, among non-murdery weeks in our nation’s history, last week definitely earned a spot on the ash heap. The Democrats turned the confirmation process of a Supreme Court nominee into the kind of show that sends studios into bankruptcy. They mounted an unprecedented smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh that included not only Christine Ford’s muddied recollections, but outright slander. They even floated rumors of Kavanaugh being part of a group sex ring based on the word of creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and his client whose tawdry tale makes Ford look like the Oracle at Delphi.

Democrat Senators announced their new belief that men accused of sexual assault are no longer entitled to the presumption of innocence, even if the accuser has a harder time keeping her story straight than a fat kid caught with their cakehole in the cookie jar. They called him a drunk. They called him a pedophile. They spread lies about the man that escalated to the point that he was even accused of raping a woman on a random boat in Rhode Island, evidently confusing him with a Kennedy vacationing with John Kerry. When he reacted angrily to their coordinated effort to dump tabloid sludge on him, and even flinging some on his wife and children, they accused him of lacking the proper temperament to serve on the nation’s high court.

They intentionally hid Ford’s letter until it was convenient for them, never caring it was supremely inconvenient to the rest of America — notably including Ms. Ford. They turned the nomination process of a man they had already vowed to downvote into a paper-thin delaying action which made those MTV reality shows look like Shakespeare at the Old Vic. They demanded a hearing they then decried as a waste of time. They demanded an investigation they’re already calling worthless. They coordinated with left-wing, anti-life hate groups like Code Pink and Planned Parenthood to plant people in the gallery solely to throw public tantrums like they were all human clickbait.

Of course, the media repeated every unverified, and unverifiable, tidbit the Democrats vomited up like dogs begging for table scraps at the back door. To read the narrative they’ve run, courtesy of their scriptwriters at the DNC, Brett Kavanaugh is a drunken serial rapist. Over the weekend, USA Today ran a column by one of their sportswriters which literally broached the idea that Kavanaugh’s avocation of coaching girls’ basketball is less about his love of the game and more about him being like Anthony Weiner.

And that was last week. With the expiration date on the FBI investigation the Democrats demanded, and then immediately doubted, approaching in the fast lane, the possibility of a vote may loom as near as Friday. I can only begin to imagine the histrionics in store for us this week. Given their increasingly violent behavior, I wouldn’t be shocked if the situation gets out of hand, even more than it did last week, which went so deep into Crazytown that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-esque – SC) hulked out on his Democratic colleagues over their appalling behavior.

No, last week was not the worst week in American history. After all, nobody died. But don’t count out the Democrats just yet; it’s only Tuesday.

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