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What’s behind the destruction of Brett Kavanaugh?

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Unread 09.27.18, 07:46 AM
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What’s behind the destruction of Brett Kavanaugh?

09.26.18 09:02 PM

Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who has accused Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault more than three decades ago, will get her day in court today. That is, if she shows up for the Senate Judiciary hearing.

We hear from the progressive left and the propaganda media that Ford’s accusations are credible, but that she doesn’t have to prove them. The burden of proof, we’re told, is on the accused. Welcome to the new star chamber.

A star-chamber is a system of entrapment that provides no escape. The accused is made to testify against himself and then punished upon confession of guilt.

The term credibly accused is nonsense. It replaces the rule of law with the rule of smear. Anyone can “credibly accuse” anyone of anything at any time.

American jurisprudence hinges on the presumption of innocence. The 5th Amendment guarantees the right of due process; the 6th the right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation and to confront your accuser(s).

Ford’s legal team – a group of Democrat activists and political hacks – have been at times both crawfishing and making impossible demands on the Senate Judiciary committee before agreeing to allow her to testify, even though Ford and Democrat politicians both on and off the Judiciary Committee have stated she needs to be heard. Her legal team had not turned over to the committee documents that purport to bolster her claims late Wednesday.

The leftist politicians pushing Ford headlong into setting herself up for perjury thought Ford’s unsubstantiated claims – supposed witnesses named by Ford all refute her claims or deny having knowledge of them — against Kavanaugh would cause him to back down and President Donald Trump to withdraw the nomination. When that didn’t happen, they began fighting a delaying action in order to drag other “accusers” into the fray.

A second one arrived, but her claims were so specious even The New York Times wouldn’t publish them. Again, none of the witness she herself named affirmed her story. Then a third one, associated with the Creepy Porn Lawyer, possible Democrat presidential candidate and currently appearing on every propaganda cable news show Michael Avenatti, appeared with claims even more outlandish than the first two.

As stated above, the term credibly accused is specious nonsense. Kavanaugh cannot possibly “credibly defend” himself because the charges against him from the first two accusers are so flimsy that not even a month or year has been established for the events; much less a day and time. The third accuser’s claims that Kavanaugh and friends were running a high school drug and rape gang and she willingly attended more than 10 of them as a 19-year-old woman, is so preposterous that it’s almost laughable.

This theater would be comical if not for the stakes involved.

The leftists claim to be champion of women, and that defending women from the predatory patriarchy is what the fight against Kavanaugh is about. That is sophistry. If the leftist politicians pushing this narrative against Kavanaugh cared about women they’d direct some of their outrage at Keith Ellison, Senator Robert Menendez, Bill Clinton and the dozens of congressweasels that have used the federal treasury to pay off women they’ve sexually harassed.

This fight is about abortion and the ability to legislate from the bench through an activist judiciary. Never mind if they have to destroy three women, Kavanaugh, his wife and children to win it.

Leftist politicians and their propaganda media enablers worship in the cult of abortion. They are willing to destroy the rule of law, common decency and as many people as necessary to defend their “right” to murder babies in the womb.

When you’re so evil that preserving the murder of the most innocent is your primary goal, other souls destroyed along the way are acceptable collateral damage.

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