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Personal Liberty Bob Livingston provides you with a conservative, Christian view on life. Helping you live free in an unfree world. Delivering news on improving you health, boosting your wealth, and protecting your civil liberties."

Personal Liberty

10 years of Personal Liberty

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Unread 10.05.18, 12:47 AM
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10 years of Personal Liberty

10.03.18 09:01 PM

October marks the 10th anniversary of Personal Liberty.

After more than 39 years of being a print-only newsletter (Christians Awake from 1969-1995, and Bob Livingston Letter beginning in 1995) we entered the digital age in October 2008 when Personal Liberty went live. We were admittedly late to the digital party, but we believe we’ve left our mark and are proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We’ve been through a lot to get where we are. The most trying time came in 2011 when 62 tornadoes ripped across Alabama, killing 253 people. One of them — three separate tornadoes from one cloud, actually — came down the center of our hometown and went right over the top of our office building. Our building at the time, a bank building built in the early 1900s, survived unscathed, but the homes and vehicles owned by some of our staff were damaged or destroyed and power and phones were out for a week. Through it all, our splendid staff never missed a beat and we didn’t miss a single moment updating our site or a single issue of our daily emails.

We want to thank our readers who have made it possible for us to continue. There are some who have been with us on our entire journey from the beginning 10 years ago through today. For those we are especially grateful. We hope you’ve appreciated that we bring to you the unvarnished truth every day. We promise to continue to do so as long as we’re able… so long as the globalist powers allow us to use this medium and it remains relatively unfettered.

So Happy Birthday to us! And here’s the very first column I wrote to introduce ourselves to the world. Our wish for you today is the same as it was then — health plus wealth.
Economic perspective and personal liberty*

What can you gain most from http://www.PersonalLiberty.com? What I wish for all of you is health plus wealth, a very high goal in an uncertain world. But I believe it is doable.

There is a requirement on your part. That is to keep your focus on reality paying no attention to political noise, the controlled media, the economic establishment or indeed the medical cartel in America. This is all noise and interferes with a calm and sober psyche. I wish that I could talk with every one of you, but I cannot, and get my vast amount of reading and work done.

I just hope that I can get through to you in these issues of Liberty Alerts (now Personal Liberty Digest).

Now here it is as I perceive it: The U.S. is deteriorating at a very fast rate, even perceptible now to millions who up to now have not noticed. It really doesn’t matter “WHO” is doing it to us. The main thing is that “it” is being done.

We wish to choose Personal Liberty as much as possible within the law of the land, whether or not we agree with those laws.

Our great and overpowering advantage is our accumulation of special information that we dig for. But to take maximum advantage, we do have to think outside the box. Sorry, this is a requirement.

I hope that all of you know the parable of the sower in Scripture. Some seed sprang up and withered, some took shallow root and grew for a time and died, and some took root and grew and thrived.

The lesson is that many are planted but few become permanent. And so it is with people. Only a few focus and can hold their focus until they achieve Personal Liberty upon a foundation of health and wealth.

We need to quit looking back over our shoulders at the system and quit being influenced by the system.

Therefore the main and powerful issue facing everyone in the United States is the depreciating currency. This is very simple to understand but seems to be an illusion for most people. Somehow people cannot grasp that they can be impoverished simply by accumulating, saving and holding the currency of the land.

Why is this mass illusion perpetuated? The answer is that the myth blinds the masses because they have childlike misplaced faith in “authority.” They are politically naive. Few can imagine that the system is not honest, that indeed it is very sophisticated fraud.

A depreciating currency expedites a transfer of wealth from the producers and savers to the money creators.

Depreciating currency becomes hyperinflation and finally in the end game, deflation and economic collapse. As we experience a hyperinflation there will be, as has always been, a quick disappearance of cash (deflation).

Money creators through all the ages have many pretenses and disguises like war, price controls, exchange controls, etc. Translated this is suppression of liberty and severe restriction of privacy and travel. These events are going on now and will increase along with massive propaganda. Remember, the majority believe propaganda until it is too late for survival.

The rest rationalize that things are bad but that times will get better long before there is a reign of terror. This was the mindset of the German people in the 1930s. While few escaped, most believed the propaganda, and you know the endgame in Nazi Germany.

If the face of tyranny is pretty enough, people can be manipulated to adore it and embrace it. Modern tyranny is so sophisticated that it actually appears benevolent to the masses. How Herr Goebbels would love it! He must be smiling now!

All this is what we get when depreciating currency is used to confiscate the wealth and savings of the people. All fraud, social and economic chaos has its origin in depreciating currency.

When prices rise (inflation) this is depreciating paper money. But the people don’t make the simple conclusion, so the fraud goes on.

I am so concerned with this impending economic decline and the affront to your personal liberty; I hope you will continue to read my Liberty Alerts (Personal Liberty Digest) to stay apprised of all the issues that affect you on a regular basis. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and opinions by taking part in the discussions that will ensue as right-minded individuals come together in one common forum. – BL

We encourage you to take a moment and leave in the comments how and when you found us, and what you like and/or dislike about Personal Liberty.

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