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Union: Federal Government Should Take States Out Of Immigration Debate To Stop The 船

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Unread 04.22.14, 04:06 AM
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Union: Federal Government Should Take States Out Of Immigration Debate To Stop The 船

04.21.14 03:05 PM

One of the Nation痴 most powerful labor unions is lobbying the Obama Administration to take immigration policy considerations out of the hands of State officials in an effort to make the United States a friendlier nation for persons who live here illegally.

“DHS needs to reassert federal control over immigration enforcement priority decision-making and implementation by ending programs that effectively delegate these responsibilities to state and local law enforcement, many of whom do not share DHS’s enforcement priorities,” the AFL-CIO wrote.

The recommendations also call on the government to disallow local law enforcement agencies to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers by way of the Secure Communities program, the Criminal Alien Program and 287(g) agreements.

According to a series of recommendations for Presidential action on immigration released by the AFL-CIO on Monday, there are a number of 菟ro-worker reasons for the Federal government to halt deportations.

One such issue that the labor union wants the President to address is the use of the 電eportation card by U.S. employers and landlords to discourage illegal aliens from reporting unsatisfactory working or living conditions.

“When undocumented individuals complain about workplace or housing violations, (their bosses and landlords) may report false or minor charges to the police, potentially leading to the individuals being placed in removal proceedings even if criminal charges are dropped,” the union said in a statement.

People living and working in the Nation illegally should have the ability to 都tep out of the shadows without fear of government or employer retaliation, the union argues.

“Based on our experience, most workers will not take action to enforce their workplace rights if they know they can be fired or, worse, deported if they complain about non-payment of wages, dangerous working conditions, or sexual harassment,” the AFL-CIO said. “The same is true when undocumented tenants face unsafe housing conditions, but fear reporting violations to housing authorities.”

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