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That Treasonous Federal Reserve

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Unread 08.28.11, 01:15 PM
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That Treasonous Federal Reserve

That Treasonous Federal Reserve

August 26, 2011 by Chip Wood

Rick Perry said if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke increases the Nation’s money supply between now and next November’s elections, it would be “almost… treasonous.”

Thank you, Ron Paul, for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all week.
In case you missed it, the very libertarian Republican candidate for President expressed his appreciation to the newest candidate for our highest office, Texas Governor Rick Perry, for “[making] me look like a moderate.”
Representative Paul was referring to Perry’s remarks that if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke increases the Nation’s money supply between now and next November’s elections, it would be “almost… treasonous.”
While I’m confident that many Straight Talk readers would like to see Bernanke run out of office — and there are probably more than a few readers who would recommend a more old-fashioned punishment, such as tar and feathers — I doubt if there are very many who think his actions meet the Constitutional definition of treason.
I can only imagine what the national media would have done if Michele Bachmann (or Ron Paul himself, for that matter) had made such an accusation. But the press is giving Perry a Mulligan on this one. The media have welcomed him to the campaign scene with an eagerness that sometimes seems like fawning. It’s enough to make me wonder about just how tough a conservative Perry really is.
I confess to not knowing as much as I should about the Texas Governor. He made some remarks raising the possibility that Texas could secede if the Federal government continues to exceed its authority. Someone needs to remind Perry that there’s a difference between blunt talk, which the public would find a wonderful relief, and sticking your foot in your mouth.
I know we have a ton of readers in Texas, many of whom know much more about Perry than I do. And I’m sure a number of them will take advantage of the comments section at the end of this column to help educate me and other readers about the latest entrant in the race for the White House.
Rick Perry is a former high-level Democrat. He was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas during the 1988 election. That little factoid is enough to give me pause. What about you?
Before Perry’s “treason” remark, I had planned to devote today’s column to the question of who the real extremists are out there. The target of my wrath wasn’t some crazed jihadist who thinks Muhammad will reward him with a 72 virgins if he straps enough explosives to his body.
No, I planned to talk about how quickly the national media will portray anyone on the right as some sort of despicable “right-wing extremist.” They love that label almost as much as sophomoric agitators like “fascist” and “Nazi.”
Meanwhile, I cannot recall any of the big national media — whether a magazine, newspaper or TV network — labeling anyone on the opposite side of the spectrum as a “left-wing extremist.” Can you?
I am going to claim some expertise on this subject, since I have been called an extremist for more than 50 years. My “sins” began back in the early 1960s, when I learned enough to believe that Senator Joe McCarthy was a great American … and Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t.
My active extremism began when I tried to expose the pro-communist propaganda of an organization that called itself the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I saw firsthand how the communists and their sympathizers in this country love to use words and phrases that sound appealing. Who could be against “fair play,” for crying out loud? It’s like Barack Obama referring to his redistributionist schemes as “investments.”
Thanks to reading scores of books like Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover (the first — and still the best — director of the FBI), the name-calling on the left didn’t bother me much more than a mosquito bite. But that was definitely not true of many people and organizations that should have been my allies in the battle against growing government. A whole bunch of people were frightened to death of being tarred with the “extremist” brush. Many people still are.
Yes, smear campaigns can work. If they didn’t, the liberal elite (and the leftists in the background who pull their strings) wouldn’t launch so many of them.
I just got a vivid example of how effective such campaigns can be when a family member went absolutely ballistic upon learning that I had sent a few bucks to Michele Bachmann’s Presidential campaign. “How could you do that?” he roared. “She’s a raving lunatic!”
When I asked for some examples of her lunacy, he couldn’t come up with a single one. The best he could do was mutter something about “setting this country back 200 years.”
“You mean because she thinks we should obey the Constitution?” I asked mildly. I had a wonderful rant all ready to launch about the duplicitous politicians who take an oath to “preserve and protect” the Constitution, all the while knowing they don’t mean a word of it. And, yes, I probably would have mentioned Barack Obama by name. But I didn’t get a chance to say another word, since my young relative stormed off in disgust.
We hear a lot about how “uncivil” political discourse has become in this country. To be honest, I think there is some truth to the accusation. I, for one, am finding it harder and harder to be civil to people who are the sworn enemies of everything I hold dear — and who are all too willing to use any form of threats and calumny they can to get their way.
If those of us on the right are becoming a tad less civil than we used to be, maybe it’s because we’re sick of seeing the immoral, illegal, dishonest methods our opponents use without ever being called to account for it.
I still believe we can win this battle at the ballot box. As long as this is true, then our most important weapons are words, not fists. So let’s try to be civil, even to opponents who don’t deserve it.
We’re never going to outshout them. Instead, let’s circumvent them by taking our message directly to our friends, neighbors and other allies who still believe in liberty and personal responsibility.
I’m convinced there are many more of us than there are of them. They’ve beaten us in the past by being better organized and more determined; but we’re catching up. And, boy, are they frightened about that.
Remember, their desperation is a good sign that we’re doing something right. So let’s keep it up.
Until next time, keep some powder dry.
–Chip Wood
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